Episode 80: Donald Shut uuuup!

Republican nominee Donald Trump got into so much trouble this past post-convention week that buyer’s remorse set in big time as members of his own party lined up against him… promising to vote for Hillary Clinton? Here in the UK Labour’s leadership election is hotting up as upwards of 25% of new members may not be allowed to vote. What a difference a year makes. And our good friend Ahmed Tharwat, producer of the PBS programme Bel Ahdan (With Open Arms) joins us to discuss the Khan family and their unwillingness to back down from last week’s stirring convention speech.

Join Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive magazine, Dr. Dario Llinares Lecturer in Film at Brighton University and Phil Parry former BBC anchor and editor of The-Eye-Investigates.uk.

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Denis G Campbell
Denis G. Campbell is founder and editor of UK Progressive magazine and co-host of The Three Muckrakers podcast. He is the author of 7 books and provides Americas, EU and Middle Eastern commentary to the BBC, itv, Al Jazeera English, CNN, CRI, MSNBC and others. He is CEO of Monknash Media and a principal with B2E Consulting in London. You can follow him on Twitter @UKProgressive and on Facebook.

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