Ep 194: Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail

This is our “Someone’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail” edition as Donald Trump infuriated Democrats and Republicans alike with his emergency declaration and seizure, no other word for it, of $8 bn dollars in Department of defense appropriated fund to build his vanity wall. Congress is furious and we are headed toward action by them and court challenges. This opens a huge precedence for whomever follows him to declare an emergency in drugs or climate and pushing forward huge actions. He does not care and Mitch McConnell is similarly about to change rules in the Senate to speed Trump appointee judges through confirmation. His long-stated goal is to pack the court with as many conservative judges as there are opening.

Here in the UK Theresa May lost another Brexit vote as the clock ticks down towards a hard Brexit no one wants. We’ll see how all parties are just whistling past the graveyard here as thousands upon thousands of jobs are about to leave this decrepit island and its feckless politicians…

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Denis G Campbell
Denis G. Campbell is founder and editor of UK Progressive magazine and co-host of The Three Muckrakers podcast. He is the author of 7 books and provides Americas, EU and Middle Eastern commentary to the BBC, itv, Al Jazeera English, CNN, CRI, MSNBC and others. He is CEO of Monknash Media and a principal with B2E Consulting in London. You can follow him on Twitter @UKProgressive and on Facebook.

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