Ep. 185: Flim-Flam Fire Man and Brexit Mama Bear

We were supposed to be taking a week off but on Tuesday as the Brexit insanity and Trump terror manifested on both sides of the Pond, I called Paul and said, looks like we’ll take Thanksgiving weekend off mate. He said Yup. And here we are.

Brexit has reached the endgame and the Tory knives are unsheathed and looking to pile on into Theresa May’s back. Just like in July the deal was released and several Cabinet members immediately resigned. It was quite ugly all week with even American papers and networks dropping off from 24-7 Trump coverage to show how much in danger Brexit really is. We’ll discuss.

The US midterms still are not fully decided three weeks on with recounts and run-off elections but the democrat’s wave continued to grow as California’s Orange County – the bastion of Reagan moderate Republicans, turned completely blue. And Trump himself is in a ton of trouble with his pick of Whitaker as Ag and the Mueller investigation gives indications of wrapping up. The media have had him for four days and he has become a complete embarrassment to Hill Republicans?

Join Denis Campbell, editor of UK Progressive magazine and author of the book Donald Trump: Deplorable Bully… and Paul Halliday, the political and religious commentator.

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Denis G Campbell
Denis G. Campbell is founder and editor of UK Progressive magazine and co-host of The Three Muckrakers podcast. He is the author of 7 books and provides Americas, EU and Middle Eastern commentary to the BBC, itv, Al Jazeera English, CNN, CRI, MSNBC and others. He is CEO of Monknash Media and a principal with B2E Consulting in London. You can follow him on Twitter @UKProgressive and on Facebook.

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