Donald Trump’s spineless foes: Lurking within the Republican Party is deadly silent opposition


There is no greater profile in courage this election cycle than the conservatives who will only speak out against from behind the comfort of anonymity. Unless it is the avowed editors who will nonetheless turn over space on their website to a convicted felon for an


of the xenophobic sweet potato and Republican presidential nominee that amounts to “He’s not really a right-wing reactionary and anyway it’s Hillary Clinton who keeps making all the gaffes.”


and included an anonymous 42-year-old “politics reporter” in Washington who, despite being well aware of Trump’s authoritarian and racist tendencies, suggested he might vote for the mogul anyway because he feels that Trump would be a lot more fun to cover for four years than Hillary Clinton. Besides, “sometimes you just have to blow shit up to build it again.” Certainly the chaos Donald Trump would bring to our body politic, to say nothing of the millions of lives upended by his policies, is worth it to keep political reporters from getting too bored with their jobs.


who are terrified by Clinton’s inability to put Trump away, who believe that he is unqualified and would be a catastrophe in the White House, but who nonetheless won’t go on the record with their opposition because they are worried about hurting their future business and employment prospects.


ASHEVILLE, NC – SEPTEMBER 12: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally on September 12, 2016 at U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Trump criticized Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for saying that half of his supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.” (Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images)



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