Democratic Lawmaker Says Donald Trump Has Committed An “Impeachable Act”

Democratic Rep. Al Green, of Texas, called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump on Monday, marking the most explicit call yet by a member of Congress to start the process of ousting the president.

In a statement, Green cited Trump’s “obstruction” in the investigation of whether his campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 election. Green pointed specifically to Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey last week, as well as Trump’s tweet stating that Comey “better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations” and that Trump “acknowledged he considered the investigation when he fired” Comey.

“These acts, when combined, amount to intimidation and obstruction,” Green said in the statement.

“President Trump is not above the law. He has committed an impeachable act and must be charged. To do otherwise would cause some Americans to lose respect for, and obedience to, our societal norms,” Green said in the statement.

Green told BuzzFeed News he did not discuss his decision to call for impeachment with other Democrats.

“This is something I thought I should do as a matter of conscience,” Green said. “I’ll know that I’ve done the right thing.”


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