David Cameron Says Trump Cancelled His Call For Muslim Ban | ThinkProgress

Cameron, who has previously called Trump’s Muslim ban “divisive, stupid, and wrong” was asked by British television’s Good Morning Britain if he stood by his previous criticisms.


“I was making a comment on a specific proposal he had which was to ban Muslims from entering the United States,” Cameron said. “I wouldn’t remove any of the adjectives I used to describe that policy. It would be a dangerous policy because it tries to pin all Muslims with extremism which is completely unfair.”


“The good news is my understanding is he’s already dropped that proposal, not least because there are billions of Muslims living in America and making great contributions to that country,” Cameron said. “So that proposal has been dropped which I think is the right thing to do.”


Cameron may be trying to temper his previous comments in order to avoid an awkward meeting when Trump visits the United Kingdom later this month. Trump has said that Britain should leave the European Union — a position Cameron opposes — and is visiting the country the day after it votes on the issue.


Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron is walking back his insults of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, claiming that the candidate has “already dropped” his proposal to ban all Muslims from the country.



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