Corbyn says greater role for grassroots will help him become PM

Jeremy Corbyn has said his drive to give members more control over the party will help him enter Downing Street.

He said plans to give his grassroots support a greater role will not only help to oust Theresa May it will also change the “system of inequality and injustice” in society.

The Labour leader, who arrived at the party’s conference in Brighton to the familiar “oh Jeremy Corbyn” chant, hit out at austerity measures that disproportionately hit women.

At the Labour women’s conference, which was taking place before the formal start of the full national event on Sunday, Corbyn said his proposed review of party democracy would ensure wider support for his policies.

He said he wants a “more open, more democratic party” with the “widest possible participation”.

Addressing the women’s conference, he said: “Wide participation in policy-making leads to more support for the policies we get, leads us to that movement that will bring about the end of this government but – beyond that – the end of the system of inequality and injustice in our society.”



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