Macron denounces nationalism as a ‘betrayal of patriotism’ in rebuke to Trump at WWI remembrance

PARIS — In the shadow of a grand war memorial here, French President Emmanuel Macron marked the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I by delivering a forceful rebuke against rising nationalism, calling… Read More

Exclusive: Trump Administration Told ‘Only Small Percentage’ of Migrant Caravan Will Reach U.S. Border Before Massive Troop Deployment

The Trump administration was informed that “only a small percentage” of Central American migrants traveling with several “caravans” headed toward the U.S. will likely make it to the border. The information was received before the administration moved… Read More

‘False flag’ hoaxes about bombing suspect persist, despite evidence — and a Trump shrine on wheels

The package bombs that were sent to 13 prominent Democrats this week was marked by another disturbing phenomenon: baseless conspiracy theories, once confined to the fringes of discussion the wake of violent acts, leaped with… Read More