5 takeaways from Trump’s State of the Union address

President Trump delivered his first State of the Union address in a divided Washington on Tuesday night. Here are some big takeaways: 1. A discordant call for unity From the start, it was clear Trump… Read More

Stacey Abrams slams shutdown as a ‘stunt engineered by the president’

WASHINGTON — Stacey Abrams called the recent government shutdown a “stunt engineered by the President of the United States” in the official Democratic response that followed President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday… Read More

US immigration officials force-feeding detainees

Undocumented immigrants are being force-fed through plastic nasal tubes after going on hunger strike at a detention facility in Texas, the US authorities have confirmed. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official said that 11 detainees… Read More

Ann Coulter says Trump could be challenged from right in 2020

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter called President Trump “lazy and incompetent” and a “lunatic” and warned that he could face a Republican primary challenger from the right if he doesn’t fulfill his promise to build a wall… Read More

Trump, in Interview, Calls Wall Talks ‘Waste of Time’ and Dismisses Investigations – The New York Times

A defiant President Trump declared on Thursday that he has all but given up on negotiating with Congress over his border wall and will build it on his own even as he dismissed any suggestions… Read More

Fact Check: No evidence for Trump’s tales of duct-taped women, prayer rugs at border – ABC News

In his battle for a border wall, President Donald Trump has repeatedly told colorful, and at times disturbing, stories to make his case. Two in particular, involving duct tape and prayer rugs, have attracted so… Read More

A Survival Guide to Two More Years

by Robert Reich It’s doubtful he’ll be leaving anytime soon. Even an impeachment will drag out for a long time. Here are 7 suggestions for what to do to survive in the meantime: 1. Don’t… Read More