RIP, California GOP: Republicans lash out after midterm election debacle

Republicans like Madrid also mourned another low point this week: the defeat of Southern California Assemblyman Dante Acosta, marking the demise of the last GOP Latino legislator — in a state where Latinos comprise the… Read More

Trump ratchets up racially divisive messages in a bid to rally support in the midterms

COLUMBIA, Mo. — President Trump, joined by many Republican candidates, is dramatically escalating his efforts to take advantage of racial divisions and cultural fears in the final days of the midterm campaign, part of an… Read More

Stephen Miller’s uncle shames his nephew’s hypocritical attacks on immigrants: ‘A repudiation of the American dream’ David Glosser, the uncle of anti-immigration Trump official Stephen Miller, raked his nephew over the coals Friday for his efforts to help President Donald Trump demonize migrants seeking asylum in the United States. In… Read More

A Blitzkrieg Strategy Of Lies and Distractions

Here’s a clear example of the degree to which many reporters — even great ones — fail to understand how Trump manipulates the media. Carl Bernstein, one of the legendary Watergate reporters who took down the corrupt Nixon presidency,… Read More

Trump’s immigration obsession could backfire, some Republicans fear

President Donald Trump hammered his hard line on immigration again on Thursday, but some Republicans wish he would shift focus to the economy, lest he drive away suburban voters and mobilize Latino communities against the… Read More