Trump’s China Truce Calms Markets, but He Chooses a Hard-Liner to Lead Talks

WASHINGTON — President Trump cast his trade accord with President Xi Jinping of China as a huge victory for American farmers, automakers and other key political constituencies — statements that helped send volatile financial markets… Read More

‘Just a lot of alarmism’: Trump’s skepticism of climate science is echoed across GOP

Sen.-elect Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee said falsely in the lead-up to her campaign that the Earth has started to cool, and argued inaccurately that scientists have not reached a consensus on climate change. In Florida,… Read More

Trump Takes on General Motors (And Guess Who Wins?)

by Robert Reich Donald Trump’s “America first” economic nationalism is finally crashing into the reality of America’s shareholder-first global capitalism. Last week, General Motors announced it would cut about 14,000 jobs, most of them in… Read More

Majority of Americans believe House Dems should release Trump’s tax returns: poll | TheHill

A majority of Americans believe the incoming Democratic House majority should be allowed to obtain and release President Trump’s tax returns, according to a Harvard CAPS/Harris poll released exclusively to The Hill on Monday. Among… Read More

What’s a Subpoena & Should Trump Fear It?

by Robert Reich You’re probably hearing a lot about subpoenas. Or you will very soon, once Democrats take control of the House. A subpoena is a legal command from a court or from one or… Read More

White House reporter warns Trump’s non-political staff has no idea what they’ll face when Democrats take over

CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins noted that President Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t understand the difficulties they’re about to face when Democrats take over in January. During a panel discussion with CNN’s Jake Tapper,… Read More

In Mississippi, Issues of Race Complicate a Senate Election

A special election for the Senate in Mississippi has become a test of racial and partisan politics in the Deep South, as a Republican woman, Cindy Hyde-Smith, and an African-American Democrat, Mike Espy, compete for… Read More

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Proclamation Targeting Some Asylum Seekers – The New York Times

A federal judge on Monday ordered the Trump administration to resume accepting asylum claims from migrants no matter where or how they entered the United States, dealing at least a temporary setback to the president’s… Read More