White House reporter warns Trump’s non-political staff has no idea what they’ll face when Democrats take over

CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins noted that President Donald Trump’s White House doesn’t understand the difficulties they’re about to face when Democrats take over in January. During a panel discussion with CNN’s Jake Tapper,… Read More

‘Never Trump’ Republicans went Democrat in 2018. Are they gone for good?

Kristin Olsen, who until 2016 led the Republican caucus in California’s state assembly, surveyed the wreckage of the recent midterms in her state and came to a bitter conclusion: “The Grand Old Party is dead,”… Read More

An evening with Michelle

by Rev. Irene Monroe First Lady Michelle Obama swept into Beantown Saturday as part of the national book tour promoting her memoir “Becoming” that was held at the TD Garden. The evening before the event,… Read More