Trump’s attorney general must indict the president if Mueller recommends action: Watergate-era DOJ official

Attorney General William Barr should reconsider the Justice Department policy against indicting a sitting president, according to a former official who helped craft that directive. The current legal position was reached in 2000, but the… Read More

Trump’s presidency already the biggest scandal in US history — even without Mueller’s report: historians

President Donald Trump’s administration has already earned the dubious distinction of being engulfed in the biggest scandal in American history, multiple historians tell Axios. In fact, historian Jon Meacham tells Axios that Trump’s administration is… Read More

Giuliani Says Lawyers Have Sought Trump Pardons for Their Clients

President Trump’s lead lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, said Wednesday that lawyers for several people facing scrutiny from the Justice Department in the investigations into the Trump campaign and presidency had contacted him to see whether… Read More

White House prepares for Robert Mueller’s report — whatever it says

The White House made a quiet but notable personnel change a few weeks ago, moving a veteran staff attorney to a press office that is preparing a response to the much-anticipated final report from special… Read More

Impeachment Support Inches Up | Monmouth University Polling Institute

 Public finds little new info in Cohen testimony West Long Branch, NJ – President Donald Trump’s job approval rating remains stable but support for impeachment proceedings has ticked up in the latest national Monmouth University… Read More

The pre-impeachment, public Trump trial

House Democratic leaders worry #impeachment proceedings against President Trump could backfire if they move too fast. The state of play: They plan to pursue a slow-bleed strategy with lengthy public hearings and scores of witnesses… Read More

Judge demands answers from Roger Stone on book that could violate gag order

The judge in charge of Roger Stone’s criminal trial on Friday demanded to know why the court wasn’t made aware of the “imminent general release” of a book that could include discussion of the longtime… Read More

Could Donald Trump be impeached?

The testimony to Congress today of #Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen has reignited speculation over the possible impeachment of the president. The New York Times has published a copy of Cohen’s introductory remarks, in… Read More