Oliver North to be NRA’s new president

Oliver North, the Fox News contributor and central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal, will be the National Rifle Association’s new president, the group announced Monday. “Oliver North is, hands down, the absolute best choice to… Read More

Keith Davidson, Stormy Daniels?s former lawyer, cooperating with federal investigation of Michael Cohen

Keith Davidson, the former attorney for two women who were paid to keep quiet about their alleged affairs with Donald Trump, has been contacted by federal authorities investigating #Trump attorney Michael Cohen and is cooperating… Read More

Trump’s Company Is Suing Towns Across the Country to Get Breaks on Taxes — “Trump, Inc.” Podcast

Why is Trump’s business arguing its properties are worth just a fraction of what Trump has claimed they are on his own financial disclosures? To save on taxes. by Katherine Sullivan Find “Trump, Inc.” wherever… Read More