From Bernie to Beto, a progressive era begins

by Brent Budowsky The odds are high that the progressive movement will lead a wave that will determine the Democratic nominee for president in 2020 and the next Democratic president who will be inaugurated in… Read More

Ep. 187: Paint Yourself in the Corner Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSMueller with his latest sentencing documents is telling his group’s story through sealed indictments as both a self-protection mechanism using Trump and his… Read More

Trump Jr. Invested in a Hydroponic Lettuce Company Whose Chair Was Seeking Trump Administration Funds — “Trump, Inc.” Podcast Extra

The president’s eldest son last year became the most prominent shareholder in an indoor-lettuce farm while the company’s co-chairman, a friend of Donald Trump Jr.’s and presidential fundraiser, sought federal support for his other business… Read More