Boris Johnson distinguishes Brexit from Donald Trump’s ‘America first’ policy

The foreign secretary also claimed European countries had shown a willingness to move quickly to reach a settlement on the terms of Britain’s exit from the trade block and insisted that a “balance can be struck” between free trade and the free movement of workers.


Speaking at the United Nations in New York, on his first official visit to the US in his new role, Johnson dismissed a suggestion posed by a reporter that Trump’s campaign pledge to “put Americanism before internationalism” might bear “similarities to Brexit”.


“I would draw a very, very strong contrast between Brexit and any kind of isolationism,” said Johnson, going on to claim that “Brexit means us being more outward looking, more engaged, more energetic, more enthusiastic on the world stage than ever before.”


During his campaign for the US presidency, Trump has repeatedly proposed a retreat from foreign commitments. Having said he could charge foreign allies a fee for the security they enjoy from a US military presence, he also refused this week to commit to defending Nato allies if they were attacked.


Boris Johnson appeared to distance Britain from Donald Trump on Friday, saying that the country’s decision to leave the European Union should not be likened to the Republican presidential candidate’s “America first” isolationist foreign policy.



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