All of the Republicans supporting a congressional investigation into Russian election interference

Measures begun by President Obama to investigate the hacking can be halted by President-elect Trump when he takes office. Consequently, responsibility for a public investigation falls to Congress.


Future president Donald Trump, in response to the news that Russia may have attempted to tip the election on his behalf, responded by issuing a statement attacking the CIA, calling the report “ridiculous” and “another excuse” in an interview with Fox News, and making insinuations on Twitter.


President Obama, in response, ordered the intelligence committee to conduct a “full review” of foreign cyber-interference around U.S. elections. That report, though, is on a tight deadline: Obama wants it finished by the time he leaves office January 20th. That may not be enough time for a full review.


The CIA communicated its findings to congressional leaders in a secret briefing last week, according to reporting by the Washington Post. Intelligence agencies were concerned about Russian influence before the election, but Friday’s news was the first notice of expert consensus that the alleged Russian hacking was designed specifically to help elect Trump, rather than to more broadly undermine faith in the U.S. electoral process.


Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election in order to hurt former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s chances and boost President-elect Donald Trump’s, according to an assessment by the CIA.



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