The Joe Biden 5-point plan

With signs pointing increasingly to a 2020 presidential run by former Vice President #Joe Biden, here’s the case he’d make, based on our conversations with current and former advisers: The great white (voter) hope: I... Read More

Jim Jordan seeks to block increased funds for Oversight panel he helps lead

As House Democrats ramp up their oversight investigations into President Donald Trump’s administration, businesses, and 2016 campaign, at least one Republican has found a new battleground to push back: funding for the House Oversight and... Read More

Ep. 198: Make Voters an Offer They Can’t Refuse Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSGangster Donnie ‘Little Hands’ Trump literally threatened the USA with attack and mayhem, much like a dictator would, if they did not elect... Read More

Knife and weapon offences reach highest level since 2009

The criminal justice system dealt with the highest number of knife and offensive weapon offences in nearly a decade last year, official figures have shown. In 2018, 21,484 knife and offensive weapon offences were recorded,... Read More

What to expect if Mueller gets hauled to the Hill

It promises to be the hearing of the decade. Sometime after special counsel Robert Mueller privately submits his final report on 2016 Russian election interference to the Justice Department, House Democrats plan to summon him... Read More

Rigged Game: How the college admissions scandal plays in the 2020 race

The jaw-dropping college admissions scandal that ensnared two Hollywood actresses and embarrassed some of the country’s top universities not only underscores the divide between the haves and have-nots. It also plays into the hands of... Read More

The Guardian view on Tory no-dealers: not serious, still dangerous

Regardless of how many MPs reject the idea of a no-deal Brexit, or how often, the legal fact remains that Britain’s EU membership expires on 29 March. Parliament cannot unilaterally change the date, so the... Read More

GOP’s Tillis comes under pressure for taking on Trump

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) is under fire from conservative activists for supporting a Democratic effort to block President Trump’s emergency declaration to fund his border wall. The activists have also raised Tillis’s legislation to shield... Read More

Correia remains Fall River mayor in election stunner

FALL RIVER — Mayor Jasiel F. Correia II of Fall River, facing the political fight of his life, delivered a stunning victory Tuesday night as voters ousted him from office in a recall election and... Read More

Beto O’Rourke, as He Comes to Grips with a Presidential Run: “I’m Just Born to Do This”

It’s nine P.M. on a Thursday night and #Beto O’Rourke is trying to manage a couple of life-altering and possibly world-historical political events while also driving his family home from a Mexican restaurant. Donald Trump... Read More

Cohen Has Email Showing Trump Criminally Dangled Pardon

Michael Cohen has testified that President Trump directed him to lie to Congress about Trump’s business dealings with Russia during the campaign. The weakness of the accusation is that Cohen does not seem to have... Read More

EU on no-deal Brexit motion: ‘like Titanic voting for iceberg to move’

Brussels has said a vote by UK MPs to block a no-deal Brexit in any circumstances is a meaningless move, with one senior EU negotiator describing it as “the Titanic voting for the iceberg to... Read More

Speaker Pelosi rises to the occasion

by Brent Budowsky In my view, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will go down in history as the best and most consequential Speaker of the House since the legendary giant Tip O’Neill (D-Mass.), who served when... Read More

Senate rebukes Trump with vote ordering U.S. military to end support for Saudi-led war in Yemen

The Senate voted Wednesday to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, its latest rebuke of the Trump administration’s continued embrace of the Saudi monarchy despite growing frustration among lawmakers with its... Read More

Hammond warns Brexiter Tories to back May deal or face softer cross-party plan

Conservative MPs should finally get behind Theresa May’s Brexit plan in yet another Commons vote, Philip Hammond has argued, saying the alternatives were either a softer, cross-party Brexit or a long delay to departure. After... Read More

Email: Lawyer said Michael Cohen could ‘sleep well tonight’ after speaking to Rudy Giuliani – CNNPolitics

An attorney who said he was speaking with President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani reassured Michael Cohen in an April 2018 email that Cohen could “sleep well tonight” because he had “friends in high places,”... Read More

G.O.P.’s Attempt to Avoid Emergency Showdown With Trump Is Scuttled, by Trump – The New York Times

A last-ditch gambit to spare Senate Republicans a hostile showdown with President Trump over the Constitution’s separation of powers was torpedoed on Wednesday by the president himself, increasing the likelihood that the Senate will vote... Read More

White House, GOP senators negotiating a deal to avert defeat on emergency order

The White House is privately negotiating with Senate Republicans who want to rein in the emergency powers of President Trump and his successors — which could lead to the surprise defeat of a Democratic resolution... Read More

U.S. set to close international immigration offices

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to close all its international field offices, according to three people familiar with the decision. The offices — which are located in embassies and consulates around the world —... Read More

Civil service stressed and floundering amid Brexit paralysis

With just 16 days until Brexit, evidence is emerging of deep tensions in Whitehall as the civil service battles to plan for a no-deal scenario. Civil servants say they have been frustrated by political paralysis,... Read More

Loving a church that doesn’t love us

by Rev. Irene Monroe For decades there has been an ongoing struggle in the United Methodist Church (UMC) to adopt a policy of full inclusion of its LGBTQ parishioners and clergy and all the spiritual... Read More

O’Rourke and Biden, signaling presidential bids, would infuse centrism into a left-leaning Democratic field

Beto O’Rourke is youthful and has little political record to run on. Joe Biden is older and has a decades-long history, featuring both successes and mistakes. O’Rourke brings a viral energy to his campaigns, while... Read More

MPs say they are ready to push May towards softer Brexit

MPs have warned Theresa May that parliament is ready to seize control of Brexit and push for a softer version if her deal fails to get through the House of Commons. Groups of MPs are... Read More

Trump’s budget would steer $20M to Jack Nicklaus-backed hospital project

The White House’s proposed budget includes funding for a small children’s health program sought by one of President Donald Trump’s golfing buddies: Jack Nicklaus. Under the administration’s fiscal 2020 funding plan released Monday, HHS would... Read More

Trump bashes airplane tech after Boeing crash: ‘I don’t want Albert Einstein to be my pilot’

President Donald Trump on Tuesday complained that modern planes are becoming too complicated for pilots, as countries around the world ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 after a deadly crash in Ethiopia. “Airplanes are becoming... Read More

Facebook backtracks after removing Warren ads calling for Facebook breakup

Facebook has removed several ads placed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign that called for the breakup of Facebook and other tech giants. The ads, which had identical images and text, touted Warren’s recently announced... Read More

Don’t bother: Pelosi says Trump ‘just not worth’ impeaching

While some Democrats are already clamoring for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says President Donald Trump is “just not worth it.” In an interview with the Washington Post published Monday, Pelosi... Read More

What are tariffs and how do they affect the prices consumers pay?

The government has announced that tariffs would be slashed to zero on 87% of imports should Britain crash out of the EU without a deal, while keeping higher border taxes on some sensitive products. Here... Read More

The Yuge Republican Lie About the Deficit

by Robert Reich When asked about America’s soaring debt and deficits, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented “It’s disappointing, but it’s not a Republican problem,” and he blames Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Rubbish. It’s... Read More

Trump’s aides and lawyers ‘will have to decide if Trump is worth going to jail for’: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace

House Oversight Committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has requested information from two of President Donald Trump’s attorneys, according to an earlier NBC News report. Sheri Dillon and Stefan Passantino, attorneys responsible for the president’s... Read More