Woman deported from UK despite being married to Briton for 27 years

On the page, Angela said: “For 30 years, my sister-in-law Irene has lived in Britain after arriving here from Singapore. She has a British husband, two wonderful British children and a granddaughter she dotes upon. She has worked hard for those 30 years raising her family and being an important and beloved member of the local community.


She said her sister-in-law only had £12 in her pocket but, since the news broke, a fellow Singaporean has made contact with the family and offered her a place to stay for two weeks, something which Clennell, who is still on the flight, is not yet aware of.


She told the Guardian: “It’s outrageous what has happened today. I’m appalled by it especially doing it on a Sunday so you can’t contact anyone to try and stop it happening.


Her sister-in-law Angela confirmed Clennell had been deported. She said she had been subject to “insensitive and unfair government rules” and that Irene’s husband, her brother, was seriously ill.


Clennell first arrived in London in 1988 and married John, a British man, two years later. They settled in County Durham and had two children together. She now has one grandchild.



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