Wired weighs in: No! Microwave ovens cannot spy on you!

45 Advisor Kellyanne Conway strikes again but she’s wrong about your rewarming device, says Wired.

“It’s true that lots of things can be turned into listening devices. It’s also true that attackers can compromise internet-connected gadgets. And yes, the WikiLeaks data outlines various (alleged) CIA methods of compromising cellphones and Samsung TVs to surveil targets. Conway isn’t even the only one who associates microwave ovens with government spying. “Is the CIA listening to me through my microwave oven, and through my TV, and through my cell phone,” askedlate-night host Stephen Colbert of former CIA and NSA head Michael Hayden last week. (The answer was “no,” at least if you’re an American citizen.)

Still, it must be said: Microwave ovens are not an effective spy tool.”

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Denis G Campbell
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