Trump Foes Head to Court to Block Nearly Every Stroke of His Pen

Noting demonstrations at San Francisco International Airport, she said, “People were chanting, ‘Let the lawyers in! Let the people out! People are aware of what’s going on in the streets and what’s going on in the courts.”


Courts are “traditionally where people go when they think an executive branch is exercising more power than people think they’re entitled to,” said Pamela Karlan, a professor at Stanford Law School. “One of the most noteworthy things is the connection between popular outrage and lawsuits.”


Many more challenges are expected, and both sides are hunkering down for a protracted war, one that promises to inflame already frayed relations between Republicans and Democrats, both in Washington and across the nation.


Less than two weeks into the administration, lawsuits have been filed across the U.S. challenging the president from every angle, including a case over alleged conflicts of interest that violate the Constitution’s “emoluments clause,” multistate challenges to Trump’s immigration policies, and a complaint over the new president’s regulatory plans, including his attempt to quash a proposed regulation over disposal of metal dental fillings.


Battles raging from the halls of Congress to street rallies nationwide are challenging President Donald Trump’s vision of America with partisan sound bites and snarky signs. But the strongest revolt may be less raucous, though no less pointed: lawsuits by pro bono lawyers, advocacy groups and state attorneys general.



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