The snap: the election campaign that just cannot escape Brexit

Just when he thought the UK was out, they pull him back in … Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts to edge out of the Brexit shadow by ruling out a second referendum and talking about things we used to talk about in election campaigns, such as schools, have run up against yet more Brexit news.

Leaked EU negotiating guidelines showquelle surprise – that the bloc of 27 isn’t quite on board with Theresa May’s talk of unity. Instead it wants the UK to honour billions in budget commitments, guarantee lifelong rights for EU citizens in Britain, and stay bound to the European court of justice – the last a direct staredown with May’s promise to “bring an end to the jurisdiction of the court in Britain”.

There’s an (EU-regulated) carrot along with that stick, though, with an assurance from Antonio Tajani, president of the European parliament, that he and “everybody … would be very happy” if the UK wanted a European reunion.

May herself will need to talk about something other than Brexit mandates and STRONG. STABLE. LEADERSHIP. at some point soon. Rowena Mason takes you through what’s likely to get top billing in May’s June manifesto. The prime minister has already renewed her commitment to squish net migration down to the tens of thousands, despite the Home Office failure to get anywhere close to such a figure under the stewardship of home secretary T. May.

Ditched, for now, is a planned hoiking of probate fees, after the government’s issuing of the 8 June save-the-date cards means it will now run out of time to implement the legislation.

New policies to fill the occasional gaps in the political agenda for the next couple of years are being sought, with May asking Tory MPs to send their suggestions to No 10. Results of recent crowdsourcing efforts would suggest the official Conservative manifesto will now be entitled Tory McToryface.


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