Russia scorns Boris Johnson’s ‘hysteria’ as bombs hammer Aleppo

Moscow has responded forcefully to accusations by Britain’s foreign secretary about its involvement in an attack on an aid convoy in Syria last month, as intense violence in ’s besieged east continued.


“There were no Russian planes in the area of the aid convoy to Aleppo. That is a fact,” the ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. Johnson’s speech was “a storm in a glass of muddy London water”, he added.


Airstrikes on the largest market in eastern Aleppo killed at least 15 people on Wednesday, with fears for others who were trapped. “So many people are still under the rubble,” said a doctor who works in the neighbourhood. “Even the man who I used to buy coffee from.”


Making his frontbench debut as foreign secretary in a Commons debate on Tuesday, Johnson said “the mills of justice grind slowly, but they grind small” as he predicted those responsible for war crimes in Syria would eventually face charges before the international criminal court. He also took the unusual step of calling for demonstrations by anti-war protesters outside the Russian embassy in London.


Johnson’s remarks underline the degree to which relations between Russia and the west have deteriorated to levels not seen since the end of the cold war.



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