Rogers Ailes offered Rachel Maddow a job at Fox News, with a catch


“There were a lot of people who were mad at me for saying anything nice about him given the other things we learned about him before he died,” she said. “I’m not downplaying those things to also be able say, ‘Listen, this is a true thing about the way he interacted with me and he was a friend.’”


“He was really, really kind about it,” Maddow told Stern. “If somebody came to you about that and said, ‘Howard, you know more about radio than anyone in the world, help me get better.’”


With Ailes’ passing just last week, Maddow revealed on “” Thursday that she was once offered to work at Fox News — though it would have been an unusual job.


One of the most surprising friendships to come to light in recent years has got to be the apparently affectionate relationship between liberal news host and conservative media tycoon . Today we learned that the unlikely pair could have become co-workers as well.


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