NC Republican who voted for ‘bathroom bill’ panics as poll numbers plunge

The North Carolina Republican state legislator who voted in favor of the state’s now-infamous “bathroom bill” is trying to back away from the monster she created.


According to WRAL News, state Sen. Tamara Barringer — faced with plunging poll numbers — is now calling for the “full and complete” repeal of the controversial law, a move her Democratic opponent has called politically opportunistic.


Barringer told WRAL that the law — which ordered trans people to use public facilities corresponding to their birth gender rather than their expressed gender and made it illegal to sue cities for employment discrimination — has had “unintended consequences.”


“I did not realize the consequences of this bill, that it would have worldwide consequences, and they just keep piling up,” the lawmaker said. “So, at this point, I’m willing to stand up and say, ‘Let’s put the brakes on it. Let’s get together and find a common solution that we call can live with and move forward.’”


House Bill 2 was passed in a rushed 12-hour session with Republican lawmakers overriding the objections of Democrats and rights activists. Since its passage into law and implementation across the state, multiple touring performers have canceled their North Carolina shows and just this week, the NCAA announced it will withdraw seven college championship games from the state.



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