Mike Pence Releases His Tax Returns; Donald Trump Still Won’t

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (left) and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. Pence released 10 years of his tax returns revealing a modest income. A Pence spokesman says Trump won’t release his until after “a routine audit.”


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the Republican candidate for vice president, did something his running mate, Donald Trump, declines to do. He released his tax returns dating back 10 years.


The numbers show that Pence has earned a relatively modest average income of $160,000 since 2006. During that time he has served as governor and as a member of the U.S. House. His best year was 2009 when his adjusted gross income was $187,495. In 2013, his AGI was $119,862.


Gov. Pence and his wife, Karen, donated about 8 percent of their incomes to charity. Their effective state and federal tax rate ranged from a high of 16.4 percent in 2014 to a low of 10.39 per cent a year earlier.



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