Jake Tapper Rips Trump For Reviving Vince Foster Conspiracy Theories | Crooks and Liars

Tapper meticulously pointed out each and every taxpayer-funded investigation that was done and what they discovered: Vince Foster tragically committed suicide.


“You [Trump] lent credence to a bizarre and unfounded conspiracy theory,” Tapper scolded, “You’re right. It’s not fair that you did that. Certainly not to Foster’s widow or three children. To be clear the notion that this is a murder, is a fiction, born of delusion and untethered to reality. And contradicted in evidence by at least six investigations, one of them by Ken Starr.”


He added, “To say otherwise is ridiculous and frankly shameful. This is not a pro-Clinton position, or an anti-Trump position. It is a pro-truth position.”


Well, yes, it is. And by the way, as he was listing all of those witchhunts taxpayer-funded investigations, was anyone thinking what I was, about how Republicans claim to be fiscally responsible while they waste taxpayer money on repetitive, redundant investigations that lead nowhere?


Jake Tapper absolutely ripped into Donald Trump for rehashing the old Vince Foster conspiracy theory stories, and in the process, committed actual journalism.


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