Ingraham wants to be more than just Trump’s flack

Laura Ingraham doesn’t want to be just another flack.


The popular conservative radio talk show host is willing to accept the position of White House press secretary in Donald Trump’s administration, but she wants a bigger title, a role in policymaking and a seat at the decision-making table with the president, according to a source familiar with the discussions.

It’s not yet clear how Ingraham, a regular on Fox News who boosted Trump’s anti-establishment candidacy throughout the campaign, would mesh with the rival power centers that currently define Trump’s inner circle. On one pole is Breitbart publisher and senior adviser Steve Bannon, who represents the rejection of the Republican establishment, and on the other is the outgoing RNC chairman and incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus, who represents the continued influence of the Washington insiders on Trump, and a connection to House Speaker Paul Ryan.


Trump’s inner circle is also tossing around the possibility of Fox News analyst Monica Crowley as press secretary. The longtime Trump believer, who describes herself as a “happy warrior” in her Twitter bio, was an early advocate for Trump. Back when he announced his seemingly quixotic presidential bid in June of 2015, Crowley warned on Fox News not to underestimate the real estate mogul. Last June, she penned an article for the Washington Times, entitled “How Donald Trump is resurrecting the ‘great, silent majority.’”


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