How to end the UK’s gender pay gap | Business | The Guardian

David Cameron believes he has a few ways to narrow the gulf and has vowed to eliminate it “in a generation”. But for many people that is clearly too long to wait.


There is little that employees can do for themselves to secure equal overnight, but what is there to stop their employers simply wiping out any disparity at their firms in one fell swoop? Nothing, it turns out.


New government rules are coming in that will force bigger employers to publish their pay gap. The idea is to name and shame the worst offenders, but there are no legal requirements for employers to actually close the gap.


Marketing agency Brainlabs analysed pay across its 40 or so staff and found a difference of 8.6% between average men’s and women’s salaries. So it raised women’s salaries by an average of 8.6%.


More than three decades after the equal pay act, the gender pay gap still stands at about 19%, with the average British woman earning around 80p for every £1 earned by a man.



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