Fox News guy wishes all the blacks would back the hell off so the whitewash can proceed

This racist blowhard is on a national news network why?

Everybody, it seems, is displeased with the pace of the investigation into the murder — or ‘good police work’ if you work at Twitchy — of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Until authorities decide whether they want to bring Darren Wilson back from his paid vacation to either face the music or receive a commendation for keeping the damn kids out of the street where they could get hurt by being hit by a passing car, we’re going to have press conferences, curfews, and more internet think pieces about police militarization than you shake an Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle at.

If you’re wondering what is holding justice up, you need look no further than a bunch of know-it-all uppity black folk who keep sticking their noses into the white man’s bidness. At least that is what Fox News’ Peter Johnson Jr.– who is to legal affairs what Keith Ablow is to medical andweight loss advice — thinks.

As Johnson sees it, the whole damn thing is screwed up and, by some remarkable coincidence that has probably never occurred to Johnson, all the people fucking up left and right are… go on, guess … black people. If you are not surprised by that, you too can someday host Fox & Friends. Providing, of course, you have the ability to say the most idiotic things possible before a national audience without shame or regret.

Let us count who is at fault here.

There is Attorney General Eric Holder (BLACK) who has requested a second autopsy on Michael Brown to go along with the one being performed by Forensic Pathologist to the Stars, Dr. Michael Baden, who once said “Nah, OJ probably didn’t do it,” and banked a cool $250K to say the same thing about Phil Spector. Why is Eric Holder (BLACK) being so mean to Michael Baden? And why is he sending his 40 investigatory jackbooted FBI troopers to Ferguson when the predominately white jackbooted and camouflage-panted St. Louis County police are doing such a fine job of keeping the “fucking animals” in line?

There is also President Barack Obama (HALF-BLACK, BUT ALL BLACK AS FAR AS FOX IS CONCERNED) who wants to be updated on the latest developments in Ferguson. Johnson wants Obama to know that this is “wholly a state matter,” by which he means ‘states rights,’ by which he means ‘The War of Northern Aggression.’ This is surprising coming from Johnson since he once identified Obama as a slavery fan. Apparently that was the white-half of Obama doing the talking.

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