Where the Government Spends to Keep People in Flood-Prone Houston Neighborhoods

by Lisa Song, Hannah Fresques and Al Shaw, ProPublica As floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey recede this week, many neighborhoods in the Houston area are reliving a depressingly familiar scenario. Houses in high-risk areas that… Read More

‘Never seen numbers this large’: Houston floodwater is filled with heavy metals and harmful bacteria

n Saturday, CNN aired a segment about the danger posed by contaminated floodwater in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned is a significant health hazard for residents. “Countless people… Read More

‘Who does that sh*t?’: Twitter can’t believe Trump told a shelter full of Harvey victims to ‘Have a good time’

On Saturday afternoon, President Donald Trump made his second trip to Houston, TX in a week, perhaps hoping for a “do over” on his first visit, at which his performance was so desultory and lackluster… Read More