Here is how Florida Gov. Rick Scott escalated the potential for catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Irma

Development policies enacted by Florida Governor Rick Scott have exacerbated the potential for catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Irma, The Intercept reports. “The Republican governor prioritized development over ecological restoration of wetlands. Scott cut funding for… Read More

Where the Government Spends to Keep People in Flood-Prone Houston Neighborhoods

by Lisa Song, Hannah Fresques and Al Shaw, ProPublica As floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey recede this week, many neighborhoods in the Houston area are reliving a depressingly familiar scenario. Houses in high-risk areas that… Read More

‘Never seen numbers this large’: Houston floodwater is filled with heavy metals and harmful bacteria

n Saturday, CNN aired a segment about the danger posed by contaminated floodwater in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned is a significant health hazard for residents. “Countless people… Read More