Climate Crisis Clobbers Trump Denials

by Robert Hunziker Harken!  A Trump appointee agrees that climate change is not a hoax. Granted, that is unimaginable, but it is the real thing. An ongoing climate crisis in America’s Southwest brings this rare… Read More

Before the Blankenship-McConnell Feud, the Senator Aided the Mining Executive

Mitch McConnell helped Don Blankenship’s company avoid dire regulatory consequences for a disastrous spill in 2000. by Alec MacGillis As the race for the West Virginia Republican Senate nomination hurtles toward Tuesday’s primary, candidate Don… Read More

Nature’s Breaking Point

by Robert Hunziker Ever wonder how the classical philosophers/economists like Adam Smith and David Ricardo would view today’s credo of infinite economic growth, forever more, above and beyond yesteryear.  Well, in a word, they would… Read More

Pruitt support in Senate erodes as GOP lawmakers seek hearings

Scott Pruitt’s wall of GOP support is developing new cracks, with three key Senate defenders calling for hearings into the embattled EPA administrator’s recent controversies — and Sen. Lisa Murkowski announcing Tuesday that she plans… Read More