putin gate

Putingate is our Watergate

by Brent Budowsky There should be unanimous agreement among Americans that no foreign dictator should ever be allowed to influence or determine the selection of our president and commander in chief. From Russian President Vladimir… Read More

cnn gop fight

CNN screaming match erupts as Ana Navarro battles ex-Bush official over investigating Michael Flynn

Political strategist Ana Navarro joined CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Tuesday afternoon, along with Matt Schlapp, the political director under former President George W. Bush. Navarro and Schlapp exchanged words about White House controversies regarding the… Read More

trump and abe

Congress had a chance to get Trump’s tax returns. Republicans voted it down.

Republicans on the House Ways and Means committee voted down a proposal on Tuesday that would have let Congress obtain President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) first advanced the proposal in a… Read More

flynn and trump

Flynn’s ouster leads to more chaos in Trump world

The resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn did little to calm the chaos at the White House, where staff spent Tuesday scrambling to deflect blame for the rising scandal about Flynn’s contacts with Russian… Read More