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Bill O’Reilly is a misogynistic bully. Why does FOX continue to employ him/pay to clean up his legal messes?

You would think FOX after the last year spent plowing through the Roger Ailes fiasco, FOX would be quick to dismiss anyone else caught in a similar alleged pattern of abuse. You would be wrong…. Read More

Lawmakers say Trump’s words matter — and hurt the country’s standing abroad – The Washington Post

A growing roster of Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill say they believe President Trump’s pugnacious rhetoric and unpredictable behavior threaten to diminish the United States’ standing around the world, do real damage to fragile… Read More

Trump furious at SNL sketch that portrayed Steve Bannon as the real president: report

President Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his displeasure with how he and his administration are portrayed on NBC’s Saturday Night Live every week — and there’s apparently a sketch he hates more than Melissa McCarthy roasting… Read More