U.S. Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Immigration Order Nationwide

A federal judge in Washington state on Friday temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order that put a hold on entry to the U.S. of people from seven predominantly Muslim nations, the state attorney general… Read More

Senate Luncheons

How Jeff Sessions Helped Kill Equitable School Funding in Alabama

A lawsuit in the 1990s had Alabama poised to fund poor black school districts as fairly as wealthy white schools. As state attorney general, Sessions fought the effort passionately. by Ryan Gabrielson ProPublica In the… Read More

sally yates

Trump fires Justice Dept. head over executive order defiance

WASHINGTON (AP) — Accusing her of betrayal and insubordination, President Donald Trump on Monday fired Sally Yates, the acting attorney general of the #United States and a Democratic appointee, after she publicly questioned the constitutionality… Read More

On eve of Trump’s Supreme Court announcement, Senate Democrats prepare to filibuster any nominee: “This is a stolen seat”

Senate Democrats were clearly shocked by the election, initially wary of adopting the obstructionist stance held by Senate Republicans shortly after Barack Obama first assumed office. But as millions of their constituents took to the streets… Read More