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Jeff Sessions’ DOJ is already working to roll back protections for transgender kids

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence said they would do this before the election. During an interview with a Christian publication in October, Pence said the Trump administration would rescind the Obama administration’s guidance protecting… Read More

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John Kelly, Homeland Security Secretary, Says Travel Vetting Could Include Passwords, Tweets

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says the U.S. needs to “do a better job to vet” residents of seven majority-Muslim countries that the Trump administration has temporarily banned from entering the U.S.   In an… Read More

White House says Conway has been ‘counseled’ after touting Ivanka Trump’s products

President Trump’s official counselor, #Kellyanne Conway, was “counseled” after she told TV audiences to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” the White House said Thursday.   Legal experts said Conway had broken a key ethics law banning… Read More

Trump’s War on the Courts, the Press, and the States

by Robert Reich With congressional Republicans in the majority in Congress and unwilling to cross Donald Trump, the job of containing Trump’s incipient tyranny falls to three centers of independent power: the nation’s courts, its… Read More

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How Jeff Sessions Helped Kill Equitable School Funding in Alabama

A lawsuit in the 1990s had Alabama poised to fund poor black school districts as fairly as wealthy white schools. As state attorney general, Sessions fought the effort passionately. by Ryan Gabrielson ProPublica In the… Read More