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Woman who bought abortion pills for daughter can challenge prosecution

Lawyers have won the right to challenge a decision to prosecute a mother in Northern Ireland who procured abortion pills online for her 15-year-old daughter.   In a groundbreaking case that is set to focus… Read More

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Women’s March: Size Does Matter

by Tina Dupuy Yes, of course, size matters to Donald. It matters more than anything. That’s why he’s always showing us just how truly small he is. Here’s the truth: No one wanted to go… Read More

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When Enough is Never Enough

This is the Monday Line (on Wednesday) by Denis G. Campbell Last Saturday more than 3 million women and men joined marches in 600+ cities for women’s rights. Last night in Newport, South Wales, four… Read More

Hundreds of Thousands of Marchers Flood the National Mall

A District of Columbia official estimated a crowd size of more than half a million people for the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, according to the Associated Press. The march, organized to protest the… Read More

Women’s March Crowd Is WAY Bigger Than Trump’s Tiny Inauguration Turnout

  As most major TV networks covered the National Prayer Service, approximately half a million people protested in D.C. How did they get there?  @mattmfm These pics from planes packed with people headed to the… Read More