Trump’s hard-line actions have an intellectual godfather: Jeff Sessions

Sessions’s nomination as Trump’s attorney general is scheduled to be considered Tuesday by the Senate Judiciary Committee, but his influence in the administration extends far beyond the Justice Department. From immigration and health care to… Read More


New GOP Congress confronts a crushing to-do list

Contentious confirmation fights, a GOP assault on Obamacare — and, more than likely, hints of Republican infighting to come.   Welcome to the new Congress. Lawmakers convene in Washington on Tuesday for the 115th Congress,… Read More


Presidential electors need critical intel info

by Brent Budowsky A significant group of electoral college electors has written to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper requesting that he provide electors crucial information about the influence of Russia on the recently concluded… Read More

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The 4 Syndromes of Passivity in the Face of Pending Tyranny

by Robert Reich As the era of Trump approaches, some of you are succumbing to the follow four syndromes: 1. Normalizer Syndrome. You want to believe Trump will be just another president – more conservative… Read More