black history

Trump is one example why we need Black History Month

by Rev. Irene Monroe February 1 begins Black History Month, a national annual observance since 1926, honoring and celebrating the achievements of African Americans. To commemorate its start President Trump hosted a “listening session” at the White House… Read More

holocaust trains

The Irony Behind Trump’s Travel Ban And Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Rev. Irene Monroe “I think we need to be realistic about the current trickle-down toxic messages seeping in everywhere. –Elaine Schear, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of CRLS Trump’s public statement commemorating International Holocaust… Read More

sally yates

Trump fires Justice Dept. head over executive order defiance

WASHINGTON (AP) — Accusing her of betrayal and insubordination, President Donald Trump on Monday fired Sally Yates, the acting attorney general of the #United States and a Democratic appointee, after she publicly questioned the constitutionality… Read More