File Your Taxes on a Postcard? A G.O.P. Promise Marked Undeliverable

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The GOP tax plans are incredibly unpopular. Why isn’t the GOP worried about voter opinion?

Tax experts are in widespread agreement that the GOP tax cuts are bad policy — a giveaway to the rich paid for by the middle class and poor, with little upside for the economy. But… Read More

Trump waffles on size of corporate tax cut, hours after Senate GOP passes bill that met his demands

President Trump on Saturday suggested for the first time that he would consider significant changes to the emerging tax overhaul plan, including setting the corporate tax rate at 22 percent — a rate higher than the… Read More

Budget Director Mulvaney warns his new Consumer Financial Protection powers ‘should frighten people’

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs that Americans should be frightened by his disputed appointment as acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “The authority that I have… Read More

Debt Concerns, Once a Core Republican Tenet, Take a Back Seat to Tax Cuts

WASHINGTON — In 2009, almost every Republican in Congress opposed a $787 billion stimulus plan in the midst of an economic crisis because they said it would cause a dangerous increase in the federal debt…. Read More

Fools or Knaves?

by Robert Reich One of the most dangerous consequences of this awful period in American life is the denigration of the truth, and of institutions and people who tell it. There are two kinds of… Read More