Louisiana Legislators Are Earning Big Money From Government Agencies — But Don’t Have to Disclose It All

One state senator earned $836,000 in legal fees representing a sheriff. The amount he disclosed: $13,328. “The notion that you could get public money and not report it in our flim-flammery of an ethics system… Read More

Deficit to top $1 trillion per year by 2020, CBO says

Members of both parties further added to the deficit in March when they increased military and domestic spending by nearly $300 billion over the next two years.   During the debate over the bill, Republican… Read More

In Letter to E.P.A., Top Ethics Officer Questions Pruitt’s Actions

WASHINGTON — The federal government’s top ethics official has taken the unusual step of sending a letter to the #Environmental Protection Agency questioning a series of actions by Administrator Scott Pruitt and asking the agency… Read More