Britons ‘bumped off’ EU medical research grant applications, MPs told

He said it was vital for patients that Britain continued to be part of leading edge research and was pressing the government to argue the case for continuing to contribute to the ERC on a pay-as-you-go system.


“Previously having a British member would help you in your application to get funding … Now you are less than an asset, so we have had academics removed from grant applications,” Lomas said.


Applications to the ERC are usually made by consortiums of researchers from a variety of EU countries. Britain has a strong track record of taking the lead in these groupings.


“One big issue for most of hospital academics is applying for grant applications, and we’ve seen people bumped off grant applications to the EU,” he told the health select committee.


Prof David Lomas, representing UK university , told MPs that Britain’s position at the forefront of medial advancement was threatened were it no longer able to access the European Research Council, one of the world’s leading funders of scientific research.



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