Brexiters face rude awakening on immigration, says ex-minister

People who backed Brexit in the belief it would lead to a cut in immigration into the UK were voting for something that is in effect impossible, a former member of ’s cabinet has said.


Stephen Crabb, a former work and pension secretary, said that Theresa May urgently needed to outline a new set of values for a post-Brexit immigration system, or the public may face a rude awakening.


“For many, a vote for Brexit was indeed a vote to take back control and return to Westminster the full tools to cut immigration,” Crabb said in a article for the Guardian.


“The problem is that, set against the popular expectation that Brexit means cutting immigration, there is nothing on the horizon to suggest that achieving any significant reduction is achievable or even desirable.”


Crabb argued the fallout from US president ’s “toxic immigration decree” had increased the need for a clearer definition of British values towards immigration.

Crabb’s intervention comes after May published a white paper setting out her approach to Brexit. It contained little detail about the UK’s future immigration policy but made clear there will need to be legislation to form a new system – and that any changed approach would be phased in.



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