Almost a third of teachers quit state sector within five years of qualifying

Of the 21,400 who began teaching in English state schools in 2010, 30% had quit by 2015, the schools minister, Nick Gibb, confirmed in a written parliamentary answer.


More than one in 10 (13%) of newly qualified teachers left after a year of teaching, meaning 87% continued to work in the classroom, a proportion the government says is largely unchanged since 1996.


That figure fell to 82% after two years in profession, 77% after three years, 73% after four years and 70% after five years, according to the response to a question by Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland.


Teachers’ leaders said the figures showed excessive workload, “high-stakes” assessments and the constant changes within were driving those in the profession to leave.


Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: “Despite high demand, there has been a consistent shortfall in the numbers recruited to training courses since 2010. On top of this, schools are now experiencing increased difficulties in retaining staff. Ministers need to ask themselves why this is happening and take immediate action.




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