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The CIA Didn’t Just Torture, It Experimented on Human Beings

The Nation explains: Reframing the CIA’s interrogation techniques as a violation of scientific and medical ethics may be the best way to achieve accountability. Human experimentation was a core feature of the CIA’s torture program. The... Read More
Reza Aslan explains why conservatives think Obama is a Muslim

Reza Aslan explains why conservatives think Obama is a Muslim

Raw Story explains… Conservatives who claim that Barack Obama is really a Muslim don’t actually think the president is a follower of Islam, according to religious scholar Reza Aslan. They are just using the label... Read More
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‘The Colbert Report’ finale recap: Ending with a song, celebrity cameos and Alex Trebek

The Washington Post reviews the last show… Instead of Stephen Colbert killing off his ultra-conservative pundit alter-ego on the final episode of “The Colbert Report” (as many assumed), he went with something different: Immortality. It’s... Read More

Turkey issues arrest warrant for Erdogan foe

Al Jazeera explains the that: Cleric Fethullah Gulen, who has been living in the US since 1999, is wanted for “leading terrorist organisation”. An Istanbul court has issued an arrest warrant for US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen who... Read More
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Proposed Bill Would Require Women To Ask Men’s Permission To Have An Abortion

The Huffington Post explains…. A bill proposed by a Republican state lawmaker in Missouri would require a woman seeking an abortion to obtain notarized consent from the baby’s father, even if he is physically abusive... Read More
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Ukip tells members: ‘Don’t go on Twitter’

The Observer explains: Nigel Farage’s party moves to ban unauthorised use of Ukip logo after embarrassing string of gaffes. Nigel Farage is cracking down on Ukip supporters’ social media activity after a series of scandals over... Read More
Remember when? The Sketch that landed Stephen Colbert a Job at The Daily Show.

Remember when? The Sketch that landed Stephen Colbert a Job at The Daily Show.

And you can see what Stewart saw in both him and back waiter… Steve Carell…. Best of luck hosting CBS’ Late Night!
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White House Won’t Rule Out Obama Visit to Cuba as Policy Shifts

Bloomberg Politics explains... The president said U.S. officials will travel to Cuba to “advance shared interests.” President Barack Obama said that a high-level U.S. delegation will be heading to Cuba soon and his spokesman today... Read More
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John McCain the Patriot

by Brent Budowsky As the Congress from hell prepares to adjourn and the Real Clear Politics summary of polls finds that 80 percent of Americans still view it with disrespect, I rise to praise Sen.... Read More
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The Innocence Project Tells Serial Fans What Might Happen Next

Time explains the future of Serial. Deirdre Enright, the head of the Innocence Project Clinic at University of Virginia Law School, talks about her role in the ongoing investigation — and what might happen next... Read More
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Exonerated After Execution: Judge Tosses Teen’s Murder Conviction

NBC reports… too little too late. Seventy years after South Carolina executed a 14-year-old boy so small he sat on a phone book in the electric chair, a circuit court judge threw out his murder conviction.... Read More

Lundergan Grimes Says She’ll Keep Paul from Running for Two Offices in 2016

Bloomberg Politics reports: The former Senate hopeful says she will take the Republican to court if he tries to run for president and keep his Senate seat. Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes said she... Read More
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How Republicans could stop Obama’s Cuba play

Politico says: Hill Republicans started making a to-do list immediately. President Barack Obama’s plan to normalize relations with Cuba has hit a familiar roadblock: Republicans on Capitol Hill. Just hours after Obama announced that a prisoner... Read More
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Shopping in Russia Just Got Really Weird

Bloomberg Business has the story… The Russian ruble lost as much as 19 percent of its value on Tuesday, partly because of Western sanctions and plummeting oil prices, but also because of mass panic. Russians... Read More
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I Started Serial, But It Didn’t End the Way I Had Hoped

Time has the 1st person story from Rabia Chaudry. When I found out that Sarah Koenig had failed to find evidence of a smoking gun, I felt like a failure. Fifteen years after Adnan Syed... Read More
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Ron Paul: Trade with Cuba ‘Probably a Good Idea’

The AP reports… WASHINGTON (AP) — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Thursday the lengthy U.S. economic embargo against Cuba “just hasn’t worked” and voiced support for opening trade with Cuba in the aftermath of the... Read More
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Why the workday should be 10–6, not 9–5 has the story… If you’ve ever wished you didn’t have to get to work until later in the morning, you’re not alone. A new study shows that those who start work later also get... Read More
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L.A. will buy 7,000 body cameras for police officers

The LA Times reports. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Tuesday that the city would purchase 7,000 body cameras for police officers in an effort to increase transparency. Body cameras for officers have become a major issue... Read More

The secret to the Uber economy is wealth inequality

Quartz has the story… Of the many attractions offered by my hometown, a west coast peninsula famed for its deep natural harbor, perhaps the most striking is that you never have to leave the house.... Read More
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Drought Cost California 11 Trillion Gallons of Water

Gizmodo has the story… 11 trillion. 11,000,000,000,000. However, you wrap your brain around it, that number is hard to fathom. But that’s how many gallons of water California’s three-year drought has sucked from the Earth,... Read More
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Why People Of Color Don’t Call For An Ambulance

ThinkProgress has the distressing story.. When cardiac arrest strikes, every second counts when it comes to preventing death. However, the distrust of the police among people of color — a topic that’s recently gained national... Read More
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Walmart ordered to pay $188 million for cutting workers’ meal and rest breaks

Raw Story explains the fines… The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Wal-Mart Stores Inc to pay $188 million to employees who had sued the retailer for failing to compensate them for rest breaks and all hours... Read More
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The new climate denialism: More carbon dioxide is a good thing

The Washington Post has the details. For years, the fossil-fuel industries have been telling us that global warming is a hoax based on junk science. But now these industries are floating an intriguing new argument:... Read More
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Even John Yoo has his limits

The Maddow Blog explains… John Yoo’s reputation is well deserved. The conservative law professor at UC Berkeley is perhaps best known as the principal author of the Bush/Cheney “torture memos” – defending the so-called “enhanced interrogation... Read More
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A Neoliberal Spring?

by Robert Hunziker Neoliberalism may be the most domineering socio-politico-economic influence in the history of humankind, far and away. Moreover, when left unregulated, neoliberalism goes bonkers by concentrating wealth into fewer and fewer and fewer... Read More
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Spotify CEO wants ‘to do a better job’ convincing musicians of its value

The Guardian: But Daniel Ek says his company remains unwilling to let Taylor Swift and her peers choose to keep their music off Spotify’s free service. After a bruising year for streaming music service Spotify, chief... Read More
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Jeb Bush For President? Not So Fast discusses some of the pitfalls Jeb will face. Jeb Bush’s much-discussed presidential candidacy came closer to a reality yesterday as the former Florida governor and dynastic scion announced he was considering it and setting... Read More

Dollar Guilt in the Land of the Collapsing Ruble

The explains this American worker in Russia’s happy (?) dilemma… I’ve gotten a 100 percent raise. Not as a reward for hard work or long-term loyalty to my employer, but as a gift of... Read More

Listen to the Real Stephen Colbert Explain How He Maintained His Flawless Character for 9 Years

Mother Jones has a fascinating podcast where Colbert explains his RWNJ character. Visit their website to hear the SoundCloud recording. It is incredible. The curtain comes down on The Colbert Report Thursday night after a... Read More
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Gouging the Gougeable: Yet Another Triumph of the American Health Care System

Mother Jones explains… Len Charlap has had a couple of outpatient echocardiograms recently. Elisabeth Rosenthal tallies up the damage: The five hospitals within a 15-mile radius of Mr. Charlap’s home here charge an average of... Read More