trump golf links

Trump’s Golf Course, a Lesson in Inequality

The New York Times reports on the huge benefits given to ‘The Donald.’ Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point, which opened this spring, was paid for by New York City, to the sum of $127... Read More
Blimey We Changed our Accents? Wow, a Really Bad Divorce from Yanks

Blimey We Changed our Accents? Wow, a Really Bad Divorce from Yanks

Who da woulda thunk it?
Arctic temps warmer than Miami? We have a serious methane problem!

Arctic temps warmer than Miami? We have a serious methane problem!

by Robert Hunziker The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as well as world governments ignores the risks of an ice-free Arctic (Wadhams). Rather, an ice-free Arctic is widely applauded by much of the world... Read More
ferris wheel

Only 400 feet high? 66 riders evacuated after Ferris wheel stops in Orlando reports. ORLANDO, Fla. — A technical crew with The Orlando Eye safely evacuated all 66 stranded riders from the largest Ferris wheel on East Coast, an incident that shut down the attraction that towers... Read More
A US "Predator" drone passes overhead at a forward operating base near Kandahar on January 1, 2009.  France is the fourth-largest contributor to the international military force in Afghanistan with more than 3,000 troops deployed around Kabul and in forward bases in the east of the country.   AFP PHOTO/Joel SAGET (Photo credit should read JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

Foreign Policy Magazine Exclusive: U.S. Operates Drones From Secret Bases in Somalia

Foreign Policy Mag has the story. Two decades after “Black Hawk Down,” U.S. special operations forces are back in East Africa’s most troubled nation. FP provides a rare window into their shadowy operations. KISMAYO, Somalia... Read More
bill gates

Bill Gates to invest $2bn in breakthrough renewable energy projects

The Guardian discusses Bill Gates plans to double investment in green energy technology and research to combat climate change, but rejects calls to divest from fossil fuels. Bill Gates has announced he will invest $2bn (£1.3bn)... Read More
ramadan kareem

Ramadan… a Personal Reflection

by Ahmed Tharwat The Muslim holy month of Ramadan started last week. This fasting month will be observed by millions of Muslims around the world, unless you are in China, where anti-fasting cops resort to... Read More
Can’t sleep? Stick one foot out from under the covers. No… really…

Can’t sleep? Stick one foot out from under the covers. No… really…

According to this video from NY Magazine.. it works like a charm. Here’s why!
Snort! Fox guests trash Trump: ‘Negotiate with Mexico? He can’t even negotiate with Macy’s’

Snort! Fox guests trash Trump: ‘Negotiate with Mexico? He can’t even negotiate with Macy’s’

Host Eric Bolling and Panelist Jonathan Hoenig experience Schedenfreude.

The 12 Kinds Of Fireworks You’ll Probably Encounter This July 4th

Digg reports… Ahhh, fireworks: the classic American pastime that’s outright banned in three states, restricted in several others, and practiced on YouTube by an alarmingly high number of small children. Lighting off a pack of... Read More
govt oversight committee

Maine watchdog agency to investigate LePage’s funding threat in Mark Eves hiring

The Portland Press Herald reports that the Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee approves the investigation unanimously after the governor’s attorney says the agency lacks jurisdiction over LePage. AUGUSTA — The Legislature’s watchdog committee voted unanimously Wednesday... Read More
paid sick leave now

Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Country’s Most Robust Paid Sick Leave Law

Think Progress explains about new law in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Montgomery County, Maryland council voted unanimously to pass a paid sick leave bill on Tuesday, making the town the 23rd place in the country... Read More
orange is the new black

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Author Piper Kerman: Drug Sentencing Laws Are ‘Absolute Linchpin’ for Reform Movement

Alternet reports that in a captivating interview, Kerman offers her perspective on imprisonment, women in the drug war and the role of media. On Monday, June 29, Piper Kerman, author of the memoir Orange Is the New... Read More

Utrecht and Tour de France rivals gear up for grandest of départs

The Guardian reports. From gleaming top-end racers down to rusting bone-shakers whose best days are long behind them, the sight of bicycles swarming the streets of Utrecht is far from rare. How fitting, then, that... Read More
amtrak woes


by The Reverend Dr. Britt Minshall Last week, I met a young lady on a METRO-LINER between NYC and Washington after the close of Book Expo. It was such a pleasure to converse with an... Read More
heathrow expansion

Cameron warned of Commons defeat if he fails to back Heathrow expansion

The Guardian reports. Sir Howard Davis’s independent airports commission report makes strong recommendation for third runway at Heathrow. Tory grandees are warning David Cameron that he will face a heavy parliamentary defeat if he fails... Read More
huffington yoga

Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine

The New York Times explains She did more than anyone else to invent the Internet news business. After a decade, despite setbacks, she is still setting the pace. One morning in March, a dozen Huffington Post... Read More
The New Overtime Rules Explained (Very Well) in Two Minutes

The New Overtime Rules Explained (Very Well) in Two Minutes

Since Congress refuses to work and act, POTUS does what he can via Executive Order. Then they call him an ‘Imperial’ President because someone in Washington is doing their job.
bristol dakota and sarah

Bristol Palin defends herself against ‘giddy a$$holes': ‘I meant to get pregnant — so deal with it’

Raw Story reports on a creepy story. istol Palin, daughter of former Alaskan half-term Governor Sarah Palin, pushed back at critics who mocked her second unwed pregnancy, calling them “giddy a$$hole(s)” and saying her latest... Read More
bad cat

Cats: They’re Bad

Adequate man has spoken. You walk into a cat house and you know it right away: A crazy person lives here. No amount of vacuuming, air-freshening, laundering, or outright bleaching will banish the insidious juniper... Read More
trump 7

TRUMP: Boycott Macy’s

Business Insider reports. Real-estate mogul and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump called for a boycott of Macy’s on Wednesday after the retail company said it would drop Trump’s products. Earlier in the day, Macy’s said... Read More
trump 6

Donald Trump hasn’t voted in last six presidential elections: conservative website reports

Raw Story has latest implosion. According to an investigation by the conservative National Review Online, businessman and  2016 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has not voted in the last six presidential elections. Trump, who announced... Read More
90 year couple married

Marriage Equality is Great, But I Ain’t Moving to Georgia!

by Rev. Irene Monroe For some time now, my spouse and I have been bickering over where we should live in our retirement years. She, being a child from the South, and me, being from... Read More

Fracking could hurt house prices, health and environment, official report says

The Guardian reports on the real fracking fear in the UK. Fracking operations to extract shale gas in Britain could cause nearby house prices to fall by up to 7% and create a risk of... Read More
world of google

High-Profile Study Turns Up the Antitrust Heat on Google

Bloomberg Business reports of troubled waters ahead. Google is facing a new high-profile adversary in the roiling fight over whether its monolithic search engine violates antitrust law: Columbia Law School professor and noted Internet theorist... Read More
conet sinkhole

Rosetta spacecraft spots enormous sinkholes on comet 67P

The Guardian reports and my inner geek smiles! Cameras on the Rosetta spacecraft have spotted a series of enormous pits on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko that plunge hundreds of metres down into the body’s cold interior. Scientists... Read More
kark news nbc logo

Today in stupid… Angry man complains that local NBC station changed its peacock logo to ‘the colors of gays’

Raw Story gives us all a chuckle. Americans celebrated a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized same-sex marriage with a dazzling array of rainbow-hued displays – from the White House to social media profile... Read More
terms of service

(Yikes!) When a Company Is Put Up for Sale, in Many Cases, Your Personal Data Is, Too

The New York Times reports the disturbing news. The privacy policy for Hulu, a video-streaming service with about nine million subscribers, opens with a declaration that the company “respects your privacy.” That respect could lapse,... Read More
password graphic

Is it time to finally get rid of the password?

Quartz asks… “Wherever there is money involved or power to be had, passwords will always be unreliable.” Last week, the popular password manager LastPass announced it had been hacked. LastPass is one of a number... Read More
perfect 1

37. No does not mean goodbye

Greece defaults on a €1.7 billion euro IMF loan repayment and shuffles off a cliff towards the EU exit. Tragedy strikes UK holiday goers in Tunisia’s seaside resort of Sousse as an IS sympathizing gunman... Read More