Sean Spicer was shopping for TV jobs before 2016 election

Sean Spicer was never a true Trump believer, a new book suggests, revealing the now ex-White House press secretary was #shopping for #TV jobs even before the 2016 election. The tome, ‘Let Trump Be Trump,’... Read More

Mike Flynn business partner Bijan Kian now subject of Mueller probe

The Flynn Intel Group, managed by Flynn, who was briefly President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, was paid $530,000 for lobbying on behalf of a Netherlands-based firm called Inovo BV, owned by Turkish-American businessman Ekim... Read More

Budget 2017: Hammond masks gloomy outlook with stamp duty cut

Philip Hammond placed a stamp duty cut for first-time buyers at the heart of his budget on Wednesday as he sought to mask Britain’s deteriorating economic prospects by pledging to “revive the homeowning dream”. Faced... Read More

Fukushima Darkness – Part 1

by Robert Hunziker The radiation effects of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant triple meltdowns are felt worldwide, whether lodged in sea life or in humans, it cumulates over time. The impact is now slowly... Read More

Don’t Mention Trump On Thanksgiving

President Trump has proven to be a lightning rod the likes of which the world has never seen. He has consolidated the nation’s political conversation in a way even former President Barack Obama could not.... Read More

No British judge on world court for first time in its 71-year history

The UK will not have a judge on the bench of the international court of justice for the first time in its 71-year history after the British candidate withdrew following an acrimonious competition. Minutes after... Read More

Rand Paul Battled Pneumonia, Senator’s Wife Says

Sen. Rand Paul has not had a good night’s sleep since being attacked outside his Kentucky home earlier this month. That’s according to the Republican senator’s wife, Kelley Paul, who published an opinion piece outlining the serious... Read More

Dems eager to use tax bill against GOP in ’18

Democrats see Thursday’s passage of the House tax-reform bill as a potent weapon for the 2018 midterms. Democrats plan to tie the GOP tax bill to the party’s failed attempts to repeal ObamaCare, a message they... Read More

Joy Reid blisters Fox’s Pirro and Bartiromo for defending accused sex abusers Roy Moore and Trump

During a panel discussion on how conservative media outlet Fox News is handling allegations that U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually abused a teenager when he was in his thirties, MSNBC host Joy Reid singled... Read More

Change law to protect gig economy workers, MPs’ report urges

The government is under pressure to change the law to tackle bogus self-employment and protect workers in the gig economy after a report published on Monday by two influential parliamentary committees. The work and pensions... Read More

Trump says he ‘saved’ the UCLA basketball players, but we don’t believe anything he says

by David A. Love We have no reason to believe anything Donald J. Trump says, including his claim that he rescued the three UCLA basketball players who reportedly caught a case in China for stealing... Read More

CNN cuts report from Alabama as GOP voter attacks reporter: ‘Fake news! It’s a conspiracy against Roy Moore!’

CNN on Sunday quickly ended a report from Alabama after a resident lashed out at CNN reporter Nick Valencia for revealing that several Alabama newspapers had turned against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore over alleged... Read More

May under pressure to justify paying higher Brexit divorce bill

Theresa May will come under pressure from Brexit supporters in the cabinet to spell out what she hopes the UK will gain from paying the EU a higher divorce bill of about £40bn, as her... Read More

Judicial appointments are the sleeper story that matters

Tax reform and the end of year spending deal will consume all of Washington’s oxygen until the end of the year. But quietly, a potentially far more important, though far less sexy story is unfolding.... Read More

‘A long winter’: White House aides divided over scope, risks of Russia probe

Six months into a #special counsel’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, White House aides and others in President Trump’s close orbit are increasingly divided in their assessments of the expanding probe... Read More

Next wave of D.C. harassment allegations anticipated

Members of Congress with histories of mistreating women should be extremely nervous. Major outlets, including CNN, are dedicating substantial newsroom resources to investigating sexual harassment allegations against numerous lawmakers. A Republican source told me he’s... Read More

Germany supplants US as the country with the best global rep

The United States lands with an overall No. 6 ranking in the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index, which measures 50 nations in multiple categories, including governance, exports, culture, people, tourism and immigration/investment. The United States was... Read More

John McDonnell: ‘The Tories have no mission, no objectives’

With the government in choppy waters and the economy heading for Brexit turbulence, John McDonnell has been practising his captaincy skills. To relax away from Westminster and clear the mind, the would-be chancellor of the... Read More

Armageddon in Alabama

by Brent Budowsky Moms and dads in Alabama should ask whether they want their 14-year-old daughter alone with Roy Moore in a shopping mall elevator on a winter evening. While I have never written about... Read More

Writer nails Trump for attack on UCLA dad: ‘He’s trying to pick fight with black person he considers uppity’

Appearing on MSNBC, a Los Angeles Times writer said he was not surprised that President Donald Trump attacked the father of a UCLA basketball player because the dad is black and Trump likely considers him... Read More

The ‘no unemployment’ chancellor needs a budget of compassion

Like one of those gloomy American highways lined with liquor stores and gun shops, the road this government limps along is distinguished only by a series of last-chance saloons. Since the Conservatives’ disastrous performance in... Read More

Trump lashes out at UCLA basketball players: ‘I should have left them in jail’

Days after claiming credit for ensuring that three UCLA #college basketball players were released after being arrested for shoplifting in China, Donald Trump tweeted that “I should have left them in jail!” The US president... Read More

Russia’s Election Meddling Was Another U.S. Intelligence Failure

After American #intelligence agencies failed to detect and stop Al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack, sixteen years ago, Congress more than doubled their budgets and gave them unprecedented secret authorities. As the intelligence beat reporter for the... Read More

Moore harassment scandal spreads to 2018 battle for Congress

Roy Moore’s sexual misconduct scandal is metastasizing beyond Alabama into the 2018 battle for Congress. Democrats have quickly seized on accusations that the Republican Senate hopeful assaulted and harassed teenage girls, trying to lash other... Read More

Fox host sends Fox & Friends into raving tailspin when he says Roy Moore should ‘never be seated’

Fox News host and legal expert Gregg Jarrett shocked his colleagues on Fox & Friends over the weekend when he said that Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore should not be seated if he wins... Read More

Home Office admits it is struggling to recruit staff to register EU nationals

Home Office officials have privately admitted the department is having problems increasing its immigration staffing levels as part of its Brexit preparations and may have to recruit Polish and other eastern Europeans to help register... Read More

The Backlash Against the Bullies

by Robert Reich Why are so many women now speaking out about the sexual abuses they’ve experienced for years? Is there anything unique about the time we’re now living through that has encouraged them to... Read More

Some pastors stand behind Roy Moore, cite “war on men”

Despite allegations of sexual misconduct against Senate candidate Roy Moore, many pastors in Alabama and other states in the Southeast are sticking by the twice-removed Chief Justice. “This attack on Judge Moore is an attempt by... Read More

Chaos in Zimbabwe after Mugabe fails to announce expected resignation

#Zimbabwe’s ongoing crisis descended into outright chaos on Sunday after president Robert Mugabe failed to announce his resignation as widely expected in a national address on live television. Instead, in a rambling 30 minute address,... Read More

GOP Tax Bill Is The End Of All Economic Sanity In Washington

by Stan Collender No doubt many of you read the above headline and immediately started to tweet that the GOP tax bill can’t be the end of economic sanity in Washington because there never was... Read More