Powerful video on parental choices when confronted with gay children

Powerful video on parental choices when confronted with gay children

Listen to this guy. It is powerful and hopefully helps others to heal.
isis video

Journalists are becoming propaganda – and we must do more to protect them

Hannah Storm of INSI writes in The Guardian Appearance of John Cantlie in Islamic State video and attacks on BBC staff in Russia highlight growing danger worldwide. I met the photojournalist John Cantlie in 2012,... Read More
iphone 6 3

The One Big Problem With the Enormous New iPhone

Slate explains the new iPhone 6. As I stood in line at my local AT&T store Friday morning, preparing to plunk down $399 on Apple’s next big thing, a fear crept into my thoughts: What... Read More
tim berners lee

World Wide Web inventor slams Internet fast lanes: ‘It’s bribery.’

The Washington Post reports. A quarter-century ago, Timothy Berners-Lee designed the world’s first Web browser and server, kicking off a thing that people started calling the World Wide Web. In a visit to The Washington... Read More
Danny Alexander

Cameron faces pressure to seal Scotland deal

The Guardian reports the new rush in Cameron’s career. Prime minister’s bid to outflank Ed Miliband on new constitutional settlement derailed by Danny Alexander’s objections. An attempt by David Cameron to outflank Ed Miliband on... Read More
tea party

Did GOP Peak Too Soon?

by Brent Budowsky The danger to a political party when pundits almost unanimously predict a nation-shaking victory for that party is that, quietly and thoughtfully, voters concerned about the future of their families and country... Read More
behind bars

Not something to be celebrated: The United States Has The Largest Prison Population In The World — And It’s Growing

ThinkProgess reports: Both in raw numbers and by percentage of the population, the United States has the most prisoners of any developed country in the world — and it has the largest total prison population... Read More
ebola workers

Why Obama’s Plan to Fight Ebola Might Actually Work

Vanity Fair Daily has an interesting insight. It’s too soon to tell whether President Barack Obama’s decision to dispatch troops to West Africa to assist in the fight against Ebola—an announcement squeezed in just before... Read More
Oklahoma Execution

Botched Execution: The Death that Could Kill Lethal Injection

der Spiegel has an interesting article on lethal injections. The horrific execution of Clayton Lockett by lethal injection this spring in Oklahoma took an astonishing 43 minutes to complete. Together with other botched killings, the incident has focused attention... Read More
Cardinal Francis George, Archbishop Blase Cupich

The Pope Gave This Man A Promotion And He Could Dramatically Change The Focus Of The Catholic Church

ThinkProgess reports: The Archdiocese of Chicago announced on Saturday that Pope Francis has named Bishop Blase Cupich, a moderate bridge-builder with a history of supporting many progressive-leaning positions, as the next archbishop of Chicago. The... Read More
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With Games Over: Monday is about to become Roger Goodell’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

ESPN’s blockbuster story is about to explode. Rice case: purposeful misdirection by team, scant investigation by NFL. The seven-month scandal that is threatening Roger Goodell’s future as NFL commissioner began with an unexpected phone call... Read More
malaysia hospital meal

Around The World In 8 Hospital Meals

npr reports that hospital food is not always so bad… A hospital is probably the last place a foodie traveling abroad wants to grab a bite. After all, hospital food here in the U.S. conjures... Read More
The Catalan estelada and the Scottish saltire

Scotland’s young, feisty yes generation has nowhere to go

Paul Mason of Channel Four writes in The Guardian raises many interesting points for the real future. For several nights last week, George Square in Glasgow became a mosh pit of political passion and, on... Read More
Protest Moscow banner

Thousands protest in Moscow over Russia’s involvement in Ukraine

The Guardian reports… Thousands of people gathered in central Moscow on Sundayto protest against their country’s involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine at an All-Russian March for Peace, the first large anti-Kremlin rally since... Read More
yes voters consoled

Scotland’s Attack on the Status Quo

Slate reports on why the No vote means more upheaval everywhere. Expect more political earthquakes across Europe. LONDON—In Aberdeenshire, more than 87 percent of people voted in Scotland’s independence referendum; in Clackmannanshire, the number was... Read More
scotland vote 6

Scotland’s ‘Great Silent’ or ‘Grey Tired’ Majority?

This is The Monday Line Denis G. Campbell Elections are won or lost in the middle. Power lives with independent/undecided voters. When reviewing the polls conducted over the year leading up to Thursday’s Scottish Independence... Read More

Experts Say Our Health Care System Is ‘Poorly Designed’ For Dying Americans

ThinkProgress reports…. The years-long conversation about end-of-life care continues to rage on with the release of a report this week that calls for an overhaul of the nation’s current system. The report, titled “Dying in... Read More
putin 2

Putin considers plan to unplug Russia from the internet ‘in an emergency’

Raw Story reports: Kremlin to discuss taking control of the .ru domain and measures to disconnect Russians from the web in the event of unrest The Kremlin is considering radical plans to unplug Russia from... Read More
Contract with America Anniversary

Party Like it’s 1994: Gingrich, DeLay Reunite With ‘Greatest Class’

Roll Call reports on getting the old band back together again… While most of Congress trekked down Pennsylvania Avenue Wednesday night to the annual White House picnic, a select group of current and former members... Read More
isil fighters

Terrorism craves an audience and we are playing into Islamic State’s hands by watching

From Informed Comment: The well-known US security expert, Brian Jenkins, famously declared in 1974, that “terrorism is theatre”. And over the last few weeks, the brutal videotaped beheadings of British and American hostages by Islamic... Read More
Liberia Battles Spreading Ebola Epidemic

The Crazy GOP: Even a response to Ebola can apparently be politicized

MSNBC discusses… President Obama traveled to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta this week to unveil an ambitious U.S. response to the Ebola outbreak in Africa, including money, materials, and military and... Read More
cuban restaurants

State run restaurants were not so good? Cuba to privatize 9,000 restaurants

Raw Story reports. The Cuban government announced plans Friday to sell nearly 9,000 state-owned restaurants to private operators, the latest step in the communist island’s economic reforms. Cubans frequently complain about the country’s 8,984 state-owned... Read More
credit card fraud

Credit card data theft hit at least three retailers, lasted 18 months

Service provider says Goodwill breach started in 2013; other victims unnamed. In July, it was revealed that Goodwill Industries had suffered from a credit card data breach that affected the charitable retailer’s stores in at... Read More
Alex Salmond with eyes cast down

Whatever Alex Salmond does next, he’ll always be ‘the chief’ of Scottish politics

via The Guardian: Like the great Irish home rule leader Parnell, Salmond brought his nationalist cause to the threshold of triumph – but his departure was surely not forced on him today Alex Salmond is... Read More
dragon student debt

These People Can Make Student Loans Disappear

npr reports on student debt… It was an ordinary Friday. Courtney Brown, 24, of Kalamazoo, Mich., was busy looking for a job. “I’ve applied all kinds of places,” she says. “Wal-Mart, Target, Verizon Wireless.” Then... Read More
the donald

Donald Trump weighs in on Scotland vote — and Scotland weighs in on him

And it wasn’t pretty… Donald Trump waded into the aftermath of the Scotland independence vote, tweeting that the secession vote may have failed due to “ugly wind turbines” built along the Scottish coastline. Addressing Scottish... Read More
cliven bundy

Cliven Bundy blames state for faulty fence after woman sues him for interstate cow crash

Doesn’t pay taxes yet wants to use legal system? A Las Vegas woman has sued Cliven Bundy after she crashed into one of his cows on Interstate 15. Danielle Beck was riding in a car... Read More
Liberia Battles Spreading Ebola Epidemic

Ebola could infect 500,000 by end of January, according to CDC projection

Report, still under development, assumes no additional aid by governments or relief agencies. The Ebola epidemic sweeping West Africa could infect up to 500,000 people by the end of January, according to a new estimate... Read More
mice and soda

First rusting lawn furniture now: Zero-calorie sweeteners may trigger blood sugar risk by screwing with gut bacteria

The Verge reports on the latest problem with zero calorie sodas. Artificial sweeteners don’t have calories — so why are these mice getting fat? When artificial sweeteners are in the news, it’s rarely positive. In... Read More
Why police are so distrusted: Even with dashcam this cop breaks the guys cheekbone?

Why police are so distrusted: Even with dashcam this cop breaks the guys cheekbone?

When will officers learn that it is their behaviour that also contributes to such distrust.