freedom caucus

Freedom Caucus to try to force vote on Obamacare repeal

House conservatives are launching a late effort to force their colleagues to vote on an outright repeal of Obamacare. Leaders of the hard-line House Freedom Caucus on Wednesday evening will jump-start a process intended to... Read More
baldwin and ward

CNN interview turns into a train wreck as Trump booster fumbles to explain Trump’s ‘wins’

n a segment about the White House launching bids against anti-Trump Republicans, CNN host Brooke Baldwin managed to impale Trump booster and Senate wannabee Kelli Ward on the president’s lack of concrete “wins” in his... Read More

WAAH. NO. WAAAAH: Mitch McConnell whines about people celebrating the defeat of his unpopular Trumpcare bill

enate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) attempted to blame Democrats for the failure of the law known as Trumpcare that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. During a speech on the Senate floor... Read More
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Trump can’t make a health care deal because he doesn’t understand health care

The blame in the Senate’s health care omnishambles is attaching to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and understandably so — he wrote the bill, he designed the process, he owns the result. But the absence of... Read More
kim guadagno

Criticize Trump at your peril, Republican candidates. Just ask Kim Guadagno

TRENTON —  Already trailing badly in the polls, Republican New Jersey governor candidate Kim Guadagno has been hit with another devastating 1-2 punch: She’s lost the confidence of a pair of deep-pocketed GOP groups that spend big on... Read More
Image: US President Donald J. Trump participates in a health care discussion with House Energy and Commerce Chairman Greg Walden and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady

Trump’s erratic leadership is killing the GOP’s agenda

While two Senate Republicans were effectively killing the latest iteration of the Senate health-care bill on Monday night, President Trump was having dinner with a group of other GOP senators — the wrong ones, it... Read More

Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow – The Washington Post

President Trump has decided to end the CIA’s covert program to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels battling the government of Bashar al-Assad, a move long sought by Russia, according to U.S. officials. The program... Read More

Trump has repeatedly broken his core campaign promise

It’s not just that Donald Trump ran for president with a lack of interest in the details of policy or legislating, though both of those things were apparent from the outset of his campaign. Standing... Read More

Whistling Past the Graveyard

by Denis G. Campbell This is The Monday Line on Friday Last night I walked through the biggest shopping centre in South Wales on my way to dinner. From the car park elevator to my... Read More
EU Michael Barnier

Divisions exposed over £66bn Brexit divorce bill

Divisions over the UK’s Brexit divorce bill were laid bare on Tuesday as British negotiators pushed back against a mooted €75bn (£66bn) Brexit charge-sheet. On the second day of detailed Brexit negotiations the British team... Read More
schumer and pelosi

A Republican Party at war with itself hits the wall on health care

By any measure, the collapse of the Senate health-care bill represents an epic failure for the Republican Party and a major embarrassment for President Trump. The crusade that animated — and bound — conservatives for... Read More

Poll: Paul Ryan’s Approval Suffers as Republican Agenda Stalls

It would be hard to find a Republican who has suffered more than House Speaker Paul Ryan as Congress and President Donald Trump have struggled to turn GOP promises into reality. More people now view... Read More

Health Care a Mine Field for Republicans; Many Trump Voters in Denial on Russia

Raleigh, N.C. –PPP’s newest national poll continues to find that health care is a mine field for the GOP, while most Trump voters are just choosing not to acknowledge the Russia story. Only 20% of... Read More

A Republican Party at war with itself hits the wall on health care

By any measure, the collapse of the Senate health-care bill represents an epic failure for the Republican Party and a major embarrassment for President Trump. The crusade that animated — and bound — conservatives for... Read More

Trumpcare Collapsed Because Republicans Cannot Govern

In 2009, David Frum, the former Bush administration speechwriter whose ideological apostasy was in its formative stages, met with conservative intellectuals to discuss the policy response to the great recession. Faced with evidence that only... Read More
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Let’s outline Trump’s achievements during his first six months in office

President Donald Trump’s first six months have been defined by his often angry and tasteless tweets, his ham-handed efforts to denigrate and undercut the multiple investigations into Russian influence in the 2016 election and the... Read More

The 10 Steps to Impeach a President

by Robert Reich It won’t be easy to impeach Donald Trump. No president in American history has ever been convicted on articles of impeachment.  Only two presidents so far have been impeached by the House and... Read More
uk food supply risk

UK ‘sleepwalking’ into food insecurity after Brexit, academics say

The government is “sleepwalking” into a post-Brexit future of insecure, unsafe and increasingly expensive food supplies, and has little idea how it will replace decades of EU regulation on the issue, a report by influential... Read More
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White House squeezes Jeff Flake

The Arizona senator’s potential GOP primary foes have been in talks with the president and top administration officials. The White House has met with at least three actual or prospective primary challengers to Arizona Sen.... Read More
‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough and Sidekick Mika, Long-Time Trump Apologists, Call The Donald and GOP Out!

Trump is killing the Republican Party

By Joe Scarborough July 16 at 6:02 PM I did not leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left its senses. The political movement that once stood athwart history resisting bloated government and military adventurism... Read More
This woman is vile: Ann Coulter says Mexicans are more deadly than sharks

‘You’re doing amazing, sweetie’: Twitter rejoices as Delta Airlines rips Coulter for being a jerk

Delta Airlines responded to Ann Coulter’s Saturday Twitter meltdown by telling her that her insults toward other passengers and flight crew are “unacceptable and unnecessary.” said that the airline told the right-wing provocateur that... Read More
pence 4

How can Mike Pence get away with outrageous lies about the health care bill?

You’re not insane. The congressional Republicans and the White House are absolutely lying about the impact of Trumpcare, and as with their lies about the Trump-Russia scandal, the lies are glaringly obvious. As you observe... Read More

‘Does he think we’re idiots?’: CNN panel openly laughs at Trump claim he has ‘little time for watching TV’

Addressing support given to President Donald Trump from the right-wing Sinclair Broadcast Group, which supplies clips to stations across the country, a CNN panel on media mocked Trump’s tweeted claim that he has “little time... Read More
jodie whitaker

Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker to be 13th Doctor – and first woman in role

The next star of Doctor Who has been announced after intense speculation – and the person stepping into the role of Time Lord is Jodie Whittaker. She is the first woman to take on the... Read More

The Trump Standard

by Robert Reich What did Trump say when confronted with proof that his son jumped at the prospect of meeting with a “Russian government attorney” offering to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton as “part of... Read More
hammond on telly

Chris Grayling denies cabinet infighting over Brexit after anonymous briefings

The transport secretary, Chris Grayling, has denied that the cabinet is fighting over Brexit policy as the government faced a third consecutive day of damaging anonymous briefings against ministers, particularly Philip Hammond. The chancellor was... Read More

The deep history of the radical right’s stealth plan for America

Author Nancy MacLean has unearthed a stealth ideologue of the American right. Her book, Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America, tells the story of one James McGill Buchanan,... Read More
Is Trump sick?: Biographer says president seems weak and ‘less steady on his feet’

Is Trump sick?: Biographer says president seems weak and ‘less steady on his feet’ During a discussion of President Donald Trump’s painfully awkward handshake with French President Emmanuel Macron, Trump biographer and longtime observer Michael D’Antonio noted that the president seems weak and unsteady on his feet. After... Read More

Will Donald junior’s conduct jolt Republicans? Perhaps nothing will

THE first rule of modern conspiracies is that you do not talk about them in e-mails. It always seemed unlikely that, if Donald Trump’s associates had conspired with the Kremlin, they would have been amateurish... Read More
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GOP leaders plead with senators to hold their fire on Obamacare repeal

With their Obamacare repeal plan inches from failure, Senate Republicans are white knuckling their way into the weekend. And rather than panicking over passing a bill, GOP leaders are simply trying to find the votes... Read More