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More Than 100 Federal Agencies Fail to Report Hate Crimes to the FBI’s National Database

The gaps in data damage efforts to understand the nature and scope of violence driven by racial and religious hatred. by A.C. Thompson and Ken Schwencke ProPublica In violation of a longstanding legal mandate, scores... Read More
uk farmer crisis

Farms hit by labour shortage as migrant workers shun ‘racist’ UK

A 20% shortfall in migrant workers relied on to pick #fruit and vegetables is blamed on Brexit making the UK seem ‘xenophobic’ “The grim reality is that the perception from overseas is we are xenophobic,... Read More
nuclear mitch

How the GOP could go nuclear on Obamacare repeal

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised that senators will get unlimited opportunity for amendments in any health care floor fight next week. Senate Democrats aren’t so sure. Riled-up liberal activists are urging Democrats to... Read More

Inside the Health Care Bill: Trump Wanted ‘Heart.’ He Didn’t Get It

WASHINGTON — The 142-page Senate health care bill released on Thursday is easy to summarize: It cuts health care spending for low-income and middle-income Americans and uses the savings to finance large tax cuts for... Read More

Reince Priebus keeps tight grip on the RNC

President Donald Trump’s embattled chief of staff, Reince Priebus, has been keeping an unusually tight grip on the Republican National Committee even while internal turmoil and a stalled legislative agenda have left his full-time job... Read More
nancy pelosi

Pelosi faces growing doubts among Dems after Georgia loss

There’s a lot of grumbling by rank-and-file members, but no leadership change is imminent. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats put a brave face on Wednesday morning after a disappointing loss in... Read More

The Ossoff-Parnell Lesson: Stop Chasing Romney Voters

In July of 2016, Senator Chuck Schumer made a statement that will go down as one of the greatest political miscalculations in modern history: “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will... Read More

Trump Doesn’t Want to Be President

He wants to be communications director. By Jack Shafer Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president. If he did, he’d nominate candidates to the 350 important but vacant administration jobs and get on with... Read More
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Ep 122: Healthcare with a Heart… ATTACK-ACK-ACK!

http://www.ukprogressive.co.uk//wp-content/uploads/2017/06/TTM-EP-122-Full-Audio.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSThe US Senate released their version of healthcare reform and the visual of the day was of people in wheelchairs being arrested outside the... Read More
high street woes

Brexit economy: UK faces slowdown amid living standards squeeze

Britain’s vote to leave the EU has squeezed living standards, hit #consumer spending and dampened the country’s growth prospects, a Guardian analysis of economic news over the year since the referendum shows. One year since... Read More

Ohio cop gets 24-hour suspension for kicking black man in head while he is laying face down on sidewalk

Officials in Ohio have recommended a 1-day suspension for Columbus police officer Zachary Rosen after he was caught on video kicking a man in the head. In a video that was published on social media... Read More

Sen. Al Franken: AG Sessions is ‘avoiding’ the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) on Wednesday said he thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions is “avoiding” the Senate Judiciary Committee, refusing to appear before the oversight council charged with investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential... Read More

‘Something is coming’: Fox News’ Napolitano hints that big Trump-Russia news is on the way

A prominent conservative legal analyst told Fox News that major developments are imminent in the investigations into President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign. Former Judge Andrew Napolitano was asked by Fox News host Shepard... Read More

Police Haul Off Protesters, Some With Disabilities, From Mitch McConnell’s Office

Capitol Police forcibly removed protesters gathered outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office on Thursday, with at least one photo showing drops of blood on the hallway floor. The crowd was protesting the health care bill that... Read More

Senate health-care draft repeals Obamacare taxes, provides bigger subsidies for low-income Americans than House bill – The Washington Post

Senate leaders on Wednesday were putting the final touches on legislation that would reshape a big piece of the U.S. health-care system by dramatically rolling back Medicaid while easing the impact on Americans who stand... Read More
Protestors gather during a demonstration against the Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act, outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., June 21, 2017. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Most Americans say Republican healthcare plan will be harmful

When U.S. Senate Republicans unveil their plan to overhaul America’s healthcare system, they will face a skeptical public that already does not buy the justification for an earlier version that passed the House of Representatives,... Read More

Donald Trump Is a Crook

On November 17, 1973, President Richard Nixon delivered a speech that became famous for his self-defeating boast, “I am not a crook.” The windup to the infamous phrase consisted of Nixon defending his aggressive, but... Read More
The Case for Obstruction of Justice

The Case for Obstruction of Justice

by Robert Reich Obstruction of justice was among the articles of impeachment drafted against both Presidents Nixon and Clinton. The parallel between Nixon and Trump is almost exact. White House tapes revealed Nixon giving instructions... Read More
damian green

Tory-DUP deal possible, says Damian Green ahead of Queen’s speech

There is still a possibility the Conservatives will reach a deal with the Democratic Unionist party, Theresa May’s deputy has said in the run-up to the Queen’s speech, which will go ahead with the government... Read More
uber ceo

Uber founder Travis Kalanick resigns as CEO amid a shareholder revolt

After several tumultuous months that culminated in a shareholder revolt, #Travis Kalanick stepped down Tuesday as chief executive of the ride-hailing giant #Uber. Kalanick, who helped founded Uber in 2009 and established it as Silicon... Read More

‘It’s not being written by us’: Republican senator rips GOP leaders for hiding their health care bill

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah on Tuesday expressed his frustration with his own party over its health care plan — which he says he hasn’t even been able to see. In a video message... Read More

Bodyguard for white nationalist stabbed 9 times after pro-Trump rally – and he doesn’t have health insurance

A man who serves as a bodyguard for a notorious white nationalist has been hospitalized after being stabbed nine times by two assailants following a pro-Trump rally. The Los Angeles Times reports that Antonio Foreman, the... Read More

‘He loves rallies’: Trump looks beyond Washington to get a boost – The Washington Post

Battered by his first five months in the White House, President Trump is in many ways returning to campaign mode — concentrating his official travel on swing states that he won, bringing old political hands... Read More

Trump to roll back aid for the poor — but protect millions in housing subsidies he’s already receiving

ccording to a report in the Washington Post, President Donald Trump’s proposed budget would slash funding for programs that provide shelter for the poor but would leave in place housing subsidies paid to landlords. The... Read More

Why you should care about increasing secrecy in White House and Senate – Jun. 20, 2017

Inch by inch by inch, the Trump administration is rolling back press access, which means less information for the public. And lack of accessibility is only half the problem. Lack of accuracy in official statements... Read More
dea mission

Who Holds the DEA Accountable When Its Missions Cost Lives?

In 2011, a DEA operation touched off a massacre in a Mexican town, yet the agency never investigated what went wrong. by Ginger Thompson, ProPublica June 19, 2017 This story was co-published with The Washington... Read More
grenfell tower

Painstaking search for Grenfell Tower fire victims continues

Dany Cotton, the #London fire commissioner, said she understood the “absolute frustration and misery” of people concerned about loved ones who had not yet been identified, but that it was critical to go through the... Read More
alaska murkowski

Worrying numbers on health care plan for ‘swing vote’ senators

Public Policy Polling, a Democratic polling firm, conducted polls in three states where a Republican Senator will have a key swing vote on the GOP health care plan: Nevada, West Virginia and Alaska. The revelations:... Read More

CNN reporter shreds ‘stonewalling’ White House — and says Sean Spicer is ‘just kind of useless’

CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Monday didn’t mince any words on how he feels about the Trump administration’s total unwillingness to divulge any information or answer any questions. Speaking with Brooke Baldwin in the wake... Read More

Donald Trump & Republicans — Join Or Die

For now, the only way out is through — together. Donald Trump, the erstwhile Democrat, independent, and member of the Reform Party, finally has a fixed partisan identity. The president may be besieged, unpopular, and... Read More