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Jeb Bush Blasts Congress: ‘Nothing Gets Done’

ThinkProgress has the story… Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) described immigrants as “the engine of economic vitality” during a speech at the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in San Francisco on Friday and called... Read More
plugged in cities

Obama Wants You to Have Cheap, Fast Internet, But Many Cities Aren’t Allowed to Provide It

Obama hailed the benefits of an open Internet in his State of the Union address. Here’s what it is and how he’s trying to make it happen. by Leticia Miranda ProPublica On Tuesday evening during... Read More
Nicole Pisani

Nicole Pisani quits top London restaurant to make school dinners

The Guardian explains her switch… A top chef at one of London’s chicest restaurants, where she has made her name cooking sumptuous Middle Eastern and Asian-inspired dishes, has left her job to work in a... Read More
Greek election

Syriza’s historic win puts Greece on collision course with Europe

The Guardian explains the election outcome… European politics has been plunged into a volatile new era following a historic victory in Greece’s general election by far-left radicals committed to ending years of austerity. More than... Read More
social media kid

Illinois Schools Demand Students Hand Over Social Media Passwords

Alternet explains that kids, parents and some administrators are up in arms about the new privacy-violating policy. Amid hysteria about social media and its potential for cyber-bullying, Illinois school districts have started to quietly eliminate... Read More
john kasich

(Alert! Off the reservation!) John Kasich Mocks Republicans For Opposing Higher Education Standards

ThinkProgess catches a Republican Governor making sense. Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) strongly defended a set of education standards that havesparked controversy among conservatives across the country. “In my state of Ohio, we want higher... Read More
NHL Players Strap On GoPro Cameras for Live TV Broadcasts

NHL Players Strap On GoPro Cameras for Live TV Broadcasts

Variety is reporting we will all soon have a helmet-eye view of the action… Hockey fans, get ready for some in-your-face action from the ice: The NHL and the National Hockey League Players’ Association reached a deal... Read More
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An Ode to SkyMall as It Files for Bankruptcy

Wired’s Emily Dreyfuss explains what it meant to all road warriors… My parents didn’t love each other anymore, so at 10-, 7-, and 2-years-old, we flew unaccompanied between Idaho and LA for visits. We may... Read More
student of arabic

I Was Arrested for Learning a Foreign Language. Today, I Have Some Closure. publishes Nick George’s dilemma… Five years ago, the Philadelphia police thought that carrying Arabic-language flashcards was enough to warrant the arrest of an innocent traveler. A settlementreached today in a lawsuit I brought against... Read More
single parents

Real cost of Tory Govt: Tax and benefit changes cost UK households £1,127 a year – study

The Guardian explains that poorest families with children hardest hit, while middle- and higher-income households escape ‘remarkably unscathed.’ Britain’s poorest families have suffered the most from the coalition’s welfare cuts and tax rises, according to... Read More

Hillary Clinton has double-digit leads over potential GOP presidential rivals, poll shows

The Washington Post explains the GOP lunacy and futility… Hillary Rodham Clinton holds double-digit leads over potential Republican challengers Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney as the likely Democratic presidential candidate moves closer to entering the... Read More
apple battery life

Apple targets for Apple Watch battery life revealed, A5-caliber CPU inside

9to5Mac has the story of why the Apple wearable has been delayed… Although Apple has said that the Apple Watch will need to be charged nightly, the company has not disclosed any details on how long... Read More
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Before You Vape: High levels of Formaldehyde Hidden in E-Cigs

NBC reports e-cigs may have hidden issues. Formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen found in cigarette smoke, also dwells in the vaporized liquid of popular electronic or e-cigarettes, researchers said Wednesday. E-cigarette sales are booming in... Read More
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Capitalism and Clinton

by Brent Budowsky As masters of the universe gather in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss income inequality amid caviar and champagne, as their lobbyists gather in Washington to dismantle and destroy the Dodd-Frank financial reform law,... Read More
Miliband visits South Yorkshire

Can a disillusioned Lib Dem build a left coalition by splashing cash?

The Conversation explains.. It has been reported that former Liberal Democrat peer Matthew Oakeshott has donated £600,000 to left-leaning parliamentary hopefuls in the quest to stave off a Conservative victory in the election. Oakeshott has... Read More
t brown

Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months for ‘merely linking to hacked material’

The Guardian explains that the journalist and former Anonymous member says of prison term and fine in statement: ‘They’re sending me to investigate the prison-industrial complex’ n a rebuke to a legion of online supporters... Read More
Bruins only had white lights and a Zamboni, Toronto puts on one helluva show!

Bruins only had white lights and a Zamboni, Toronto puts on one helluva show!

Mesmerisingly cool!
american sniper

Filmmaker Robert Greenwald: American Sniper is a ‘Neocon Fantasy’ in Which ‘There’s No Good Iraqi Except a Dead Iraqi’

Alternet explains that in a debate on the Ed Show, Greenwald criticized the film for its deadly take on patriotism. Filmmaker Robert Greenwald squared off against former Congressman and Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy over the... Read More
ocean warming

‘Hottest Year’ Story Obscures Bigger News: Ocean Warming Now Off The Charts

ThinkProgress explains why deniers are idiots! The oceans — where over 90% of global warming heat ends up — have literally warmed up off the charts of NOAA. The big climate news last week was... Read More
mitt on the stump

Romney’s top fundraisers consider bailing explains that Jeb Bush, other GOP presidential hopefuls woo big-dollar donors from last election. It will take hundreds of millions of dollars to win the White House in 2016, and by that measure, Republican... Read More
trusted media sources

Google is now a more trusted source of news than the websites it aggregates

Quartz explains the sobering news for anyone in the journalism industry… Online search engines have overtaken traditional media as the most trusted source for general news and information, according to a global survey of 27,000... Read More
prisoner belongongs

Terrorist Hostages’ Belongings Reveal the Horrors of Captivity

Wired has the gruesome story… Capturing hostages has long been a tool of warfare, one favored by contemporary radical groups. According to recent investigation, al Qaeda has used hostages to extract $125 million from European countries... Read More

Why 1978 Was the Least Worst Year for America’s Most Worst Problem has infographics explaining.explains: The wealth gap is a problem Obama wants to solve — but it might be impossible. The U.S. wealth gap is at an 80-year high Today the richest 1% of Americans own more... Read More
cosby on stage

1,200 Ticket Refunds Requested for Bill Cosby’s Denver Shows

Time Magazine and the Denver post report that returnees amount to 40% of the tickets sold. A total of 1,200 ticket-holdersrequested refunds for two Bill Cosby comedy shows held in Denver, Colo., last week. Around... Read More
boston olympic bid

Boston’s Games bid will need public’s heart to win IOC’s nod

The Conversation has the story. When the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) selected Boston – over Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC – to represent the US in its bid to host the 2024... Read More
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A Giant Can of Bat Shit Crazy-The 2016 Republican Presidential Circus

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell They’re baaa-aack… Those who follow this magazine know I wrote five e-books profiling the GOP circus in the 2012 Presidential campaign. This past weekend saw me... Read More
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The Governor Of Kansas Is Proposing A Budget ‘Fix’ That Will Cost His State Billions

ThinkProgress shows how hubris defeats smarts in a state already reeling. Rather than retreat from the massive tax cuts that are crippling his state’s finances, Gov. Sam Brownback (R) wants to cut classroom funding for... Read More
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Why You Should Always Lock Your Car Doors in San Francisco

The Awl has the story… People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer Roberto Baldwin tells us more about living in a state... Read More
Listen to Tom Brady talk about his balls… (yes, we went there.)

Listen to Tom Brady talk about his balls… (yes, we went there.)

Mississippi Wouldn’t Allow This Teacher to Show Kids How to Use a Condom. His Simple Solution Is Brilliant.

Mississippi Wouldn’t Allow This Teacher to Show Kids How to Use a Condom. His Simple Solution Is Brilliant.

Brilliant! We need more teachers like this brave man!