Report: Trump placed five-figure bid on Tim Tebow’s helmet, used foundation money to pay for it

Or, more accurately, the Donald J. Trump Foundation paid $12,000 a #Tim Tebow-signed Broncos helmet and jersey, according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which hosted the event.   So in addition to bidding unprecedentedly... Read More

Cinemark Is Shaking Down The Colorado Theater Shooting Victims For $700,000

Four years ago, a gunman opened fire on the audience of an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 70. Now, Cinemark, the movie theater chain where the attack occurred, is asking victims and... Read More

GOP wants to blow a total of $1 million to expand already-failed Planned Parenthood investigation

“This has not been — nor will it ever be — a fact-based investigation. Instead the Panel is being run as a taxpayer-funded arm of anti-abortion groups, in pursuit of a partisan, anti-science, and anti-health... Read More
adnan syed case

Adnan Syed retrial: Serial finally gets the ending it deserves

Early this morning, the news came in that Adnan Syed – the “subject” of the first Serial (nobody can call him the hero, though plainly that is how he is seen) – had been granted... Read More
Supreme Court Health Care

Healthcare’s Neoliberal Death Warrant

by Robert Hunziker Neoliberalism’s mantra of “privatizing everything in sight” and elimination, or cutbacks, of governmental programs, aka: austerity, especially public healthcare, is a death warrant for millions, maybe more than millions! Sure-fire, whenever private... Read More
austrian court

Austrian presidential election result overturned and must be held again | World news | The Guardian

The court president, Gerhart Holzinger, announced on Friday that the run-off vote, in which Norbert Hofer of the Freedom party (FPÖ) narrowly lost to Green-backed Alexander Van der Bellen, would have to be repeated across... Read More
tesla autopiliot

Tesla driver killed while using autopilot was watching Harry Potter, witness says

The Tesla driver killed in the first known fatal crash involving a self-driving car may have been watching a Harry Potter movie at the time of the collision in #Florida, according to a truck driver... Read More

The GOP’s War on Voting Is Working

On April 5, the day of Wisconsin’s presidential primary, Anita Johnson picked up Dennis Hatten at his new apartment in West Milwaukee and took him to the polls. “We’re going to complete your journey and... Read More

How Europeans See U.S. Candidates and President Obama

The Pew Research Center polled Europeans from 10 countries regarding their opinions on U.S. leaders.   Curated from How Europeans See U.S. Candidates and President Obama – Wonk Wire  

Birmingham after Brexit: hope and regret in the 50-50 city

In the weeks before an election – never mind the week after – it is normal for politicians and journalists to rush excitedly round the country to divine the mood of the populace … and... Read More
North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, left, makes remarks concerning House Bill 2 while speaking during a government affairs conference in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, May 4, 2016. A North Carolina law limiting protections to LGBT people violates federal civil rights laws and can't be enforced, the U.S. Justice Department said Wednesday, putting the state on notice that it is in danger of being sued and losing hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

As North Carolina is learning, culture wars are expensive

One of the more common criticisms of lawmakers who take up culture-war legislation is that they’re a divisive waste of time, distracting attention away from real policy work that needs to be done. And while... Read More
nhs consultants

NHS England medical director fiercely defends overseas staff

Speaking at the International Festival of Public Health in Manchester, Keogh said: “Recent events have unleashed a cold wind of change and racist attitudes disguised as #politics, and as a result there are some in... Read More
brexit bus

Op Ed: A Brexit Lesson In Greek- Votes and Hopes Trashed on Parliamentary Floors

by Brett Redmayne-Titley So…you, the UK voter, favored the Brexit! You, the EU voter, see the Brexit as the pendulum of democracy swinging away from un-elected central rule and returning to sovereign national priorities? You…... Read More
andrea leadsom

Andrea Leadsom now a serious contender after spurning Boris Johnson

And yet, the scrawled pledge – “Dear Andrea, Delighted that you’re in our top three, Yours Boris” – never made it into the hands of the energy minister, who decided instead to stand herself.  ... Read More

Electorally Competitive Counties Have Grown Scarcer in Recent Decades

But, most of those counties are probably below 250K or even 200K of population. About two-thirds of Americans live in counties with populations over 250K but those are only about 300 counties out of over... Read More
three amigod

Obama Took A Swipe At Trump During The ‘Three Amigos’ Summit So Of Course Fox Hit Back

President Obama took a not-so-thinly-veiled shot at Donald Trump yesterday, during a press conference at the “Three Amigos” summit in Canada. So, of course, Fox News hit back with “analysis” from an extremist Trump buddy... Read More

Instead Of Firing Roger Goodell After Ray Rice Debacle, The NFL Paid Him An Obscene Amount Of Money

After Roger Goodell’s complete mishandling of the Ray Rice domestic violence issue in 2014, many were clamoring for NFL owners to fire the embattled commissioner.   But remember, this came the year after Goodell interviewed... Read More
osbourne 4

George Osborne scraps 2020 budget surplus plan

George Osborne has in effect abandoned the linchpin of his economic strategy – to return the government finances to a surplus by 2020 – following the Brexit vote.   The chancellor, who campaigned to remain... Read More

Corey Lewandowski’s first week on CNN was just as bad as everyone expected

  A week isn’t very long to learn a new job, so it’s possible Corey #Lewandowski will improve in his role as a #CNN commentator. But so far, #Donald Trump‘s recently fired campaign manager is just... Read More
mckenna helps leave

Look into my eyes: Leave.EU campaign consulted TV hypnotist

A source at the victorious campaign group told the Guardian that McKenna “understands the psychology of the mind” and helped Leave.EU “produce social media ads that resonated with people”.   McKenna’s role emerged at the... Read More
mad donald

Trump Taps Consultant Accused of Defrauding PAC to Lead Colorado Campaign

Patrick Davis has denied allegations that he inappropriately steered hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by a conservative PAC to organizations linked to himself and his friends. Now he’ll lead Trump’s campaign in a key... Read More
watson and corbyn

Tom Watson calls on Labour MPs to prevent leadership contest | Politics | The Guardian

Watson is seeking to organise a meeting with Corbyn’s closest advisers to try to agree a negotiated settlement that would see the Labour leader step down voluntarily, thus avoiding an acrimonious and drawn-out battle.  ... Read More
Colbert shocked latest Presidential poll shows Trump plus giant meteor means voters want apocalypse

Colbert shocked latest Presidential poll shows Trump plus giant meteor means voters want apocalypse

After witnessing the Brexit craziness of the last ten days, we might agree.

(Now for something different.) Scientists have found a way to get all the shampoo out of the bottle

Scientists have developed a nanoparticle coating for plastic bottles that allows soap products to flow freely. It means that every drop of liquid soap, shampoo or laundry detergent will be able to be removed, leaving... Read More

Airbnb sues San Francisco for requiring hosts to register with city officials

A San Francisco law slated to take effect next month requires companies like Airbnb to verify that rentals have a valid registration number issued by the city. The ordinance would impose on the company fines... Read More
nhs safer in

NHS workers: what does Brexit mean for your job and the health service?

And according to the Nuffield Trust, 10% of doctors and 4% of nurses are from the EU. #NHS staff from the European Economic Area (EU countries plus Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland make up... Read More

What Donald Trump’s New Communications Director Really Thinks Of Donald Trump, In 11 Deleted Tweets

Before Miller signed on, however, he had some cleaning up to do. Miller deleted dozens of harshly anti-Trump tweets from his Twitter account, many of them authored just a few weeks ago.   Any member... Read More

The Disturbing Trend In State Gun Laws After A Mass Shooting

One of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history — a massacre that left 49 people dead at a gay club in Orlando on June 14 — has prompted the all-too-familiar calls for Congress to... Read More

The Choice of Patriotism

by Robert Reich We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016 we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us... Read More

Right-wing Brexit leaders retract false promises as racist nationalism explodes

Amid the turmoil, the right-wing leaders of the movement for a British exit from the E.U., or Brexit, have quickly begun to retract the promises they made to their supporters.   Brexit advocates previously insisted... Read More