Bernie’s army in disarray

Bernie Sanders’ top operatives formed “Our Revolution” after he lost the 2016 primaries to keep his army organized and motivated — and potentially prepare for another presidential run in 2020. But an extensive review of... Read More

Is Kevin McCarthy trying to push Paul Ryan out of the Speaker’s chair?

Top Republicans consider amping up the pressure on Paul Ryan to step down as Speaker of the House before midterm elections. Top Republicans in Congress and the White House have in recent days entertained a... Read More

Roman Abramovich may have to explain source of wealth to get UK visa

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea #Football Club, could be asked to explain the source of his vast wealth before he is granted a new UK visa. The Russian oligarch’s investor visa application is still... Read More

Trump’s Curious Coalition

by Robert Reich Trump’s strategy for keeping power is to build up his coalition of America’s white working class and the nation’s ownership class. It’s a curious coalition, to say the least. But if Democrats don’t respond... Read More

Rating Changes in 19 House Races, All Toward Democrats

In total, 68 GOP-held seats are now rated competitive Despite forecasts of a blue tsunami, it’s still not guaranteed that Democrats will win back the House majority. But the playing field of competitive House races is... Read More

Sites block EU users before GDPR takes effect

With less than a day until the General #Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect, a growing number of companies are taking the nuclear option to ensure compliance: blocking all European users from their servers.... Read More

Why the New Times Report on the Gulf Meeting Is Freaking Trump Out

This weekend, the New York Times revealed that, in August 2016, Donald Trump Jr. met in Trump Tower with representatives of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who offered campaign help. It is impossible... Read More

‘An additional count of obstruction’: CNN legal analyst says Trump stepped in it by ordering DOJ to probe itself

According to CNN legal analyst Paul Callan, President Donald Trump demanding that the Department of Justice investigate the FBI just added an additional count of “obstruction of justice” to the crimes he could ultimately face.... Read More

Bernie Sanders lashes out at Congress over gun control after Santa Fe, Texas, shooting

WASHINGTON — An exasperated Sen. Bernie Sanders on Sunday blasted Congress after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, killed 10 students and teachers two days earlier. The Vermont senator blamed lawmakers for failing to... Read More

Russia preferred Trump in 2016 presidential election: Republican-led Senate committee

Russia tried to help Donald Trump win the 2016 election — and Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his government to do so. That’s according to an official statement from the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee released... Read More

Japanese Rail Operator Says Sorry For ‘Inexcusable’ Departure 25 Seconds Early

In the U.S., you might expect a passenger rail operator to apologize for being late. However, in Japan — where sleek, high-speed trains are famous for arrivals and departures that you could set your watch... Read More

How a Typical Government Leak Turned Into a Three-Way War Between Comey, McCabe and Trump

Two former allies, James Comey and Andrew McCabe, have offered contradictory accounts of the orchestrated FBI leak that spawned a critical investigation. That means one of them has to be lying — as President Trump... Read More

Record Buybacks Put Shareholder Payouts on Pace for $1 Trillion

American companies are investing in their own stocks at a record pace, drawing a fresh attack from Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer that President Donald Trump’s tax cuts were benefiting the wealthy. After buybacks among... Read More

Shadow minister under fire over private remarks on Irish border

The shadow international trade secretary, Barry Gardiner, faced questions over whether he tells the truth in private or on television, during a heated interview that was labelled a “car crash” by the Conservatives. During an... Read More

Santa Fe, Texas, shooting underscores how Americans no longer feel safe

Soon after Dimitrios Pagourtzis allegedly killed 10 people three rooms away from where she sat in her class at Santa Fe High School in Texas on Friday, 17-year-old Paige Curry was asked by ABC News’... Read More

Secret FBI source for Russia investigation met with three Trump advisers during campaign

In mid-July 2016, a retired American professor approached an adviser to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign at a symposium about the White House race held at a British university. The professor took the opportunity to strike... Read More

Ryan-linked group raised $24.6M from anonymous donor

American Action Network, the nonprofit group closely aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, raised a record $41.9 million amid the GOP push to repeal Obamacare and restructure the tax code — more than half of... Read More

Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.

#SANTA FE, TEX. — They, like so many others, thought they had taken the steps to avoid this. The school district had an active-shooter plan, and two armed police officers walked the halls of the... Read More

Nation of shoplifters: the rise of supermarket self-checkout scams

A couple of Tuesdays ago, after a difficult day at work, a thing that happens to me more often than I’d usually care to admit happened once again. At a supermarket self-checkout machine a frozen... Read More

How to End Partisan Gerrymandering

by Robert Reich One of the biggest challenges to our democracy occurs when states draw congressional district lines with the principal goal of helping one political party and hurting the other. It’s called “partisan gerrymandering.” Unlike... Read More

How to survive Trump’s presidency without losing your mind.

This past week, journalists in America were struggling to comprehend two major stories: The first was that Donald Trump announced (via tweet) on Wednesday that any news that paints him in a negative light is,... Read More

Vote Leave faces scrutiny over £50m football contest

A data-harvesting competition that offered football fans the chance to win £50m is at the centre of new questions about pro-Brexit campaigning before the 2016 EU referendum. Last week the select committee for digital, culture,... Read More

Houston Police Chief Says He Has ‘Hit Rock Bottom’ on Gun Rights Arguments

Just hours after 10 people were killed in a school shooting in Santa Fe, Tex., the police chief in nearby Houston issued a defiant condemnation of elected officials who have failed to act on gun... Read More

Melania Trump Returns to White House in ‘High Spirits’ After Kidney Procedure

WASHINGTON — The White House said Saturday morning that the first lady, Melania Trump, had returned home after spending almost five days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center recovering from a procedure for a... Read More

Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding gown was beautiful. But the woman wearing it was unforgettable.

The dress isn’t everything, but it is a lot. And the #Givenchy haute couture gown chosen by Meghan Markle for her marriage to Prince Harry told a story about contemporary romance, geopolitical history and the... Read More

New Reality for High School Students: Calculating the Risk of Getting Shot – The New York Times

Just hours after a gunman killed 10 people at a Texas high school, two students 1,000 miles away worried about the safety of their usual seats in the school cafeteria. Calysta Wilson and Courtney Fletcher,... Read More

As polls narrow before the abortion vote, is rural Ireland setting up a Brexit moment?

The polls have narrowed so much that a result once nearly taken for granted now hangs in the balance; the media are under fierce attack for bias; and questions are swirling about foreign influence and... Read More

Obama should lift the Dems, now

by Brent Budowsky Warning to Democrats: recent weeks of polling show a narrowing Democratic lead in the midterm elections. Talk of a blue wave, which was justified by polling data until recently, should now give... Read More

Rev. Michael Curry surprises with sermon touching on civil rights at royal wedding

WINDSOR, England — British royal weddings aren’t known for their soaring reflections on redemption, justice and civil rights. But that’s what millions around the world got Saturday when the Most Rev. Michael Bruce Curry quoted... Read More

New UK law to rein in social media firms is ‘couple of years’ away, says minister | Media | The Guardian

The high-profile launch of a campaign to clamp down on social #media firms has backfired as the culture secretary, Matt Hancock, admitted it was likely to be two years before there is any new law.... Read More