U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry works on his notes prior to testifying before a Senate Armed Services Committee  hearing in Washington July 29, 2015.  Kerry intensified efforts to beat back criticism of the Iran nuclear deal and convince U.S. lawmakers that rejecting it would give Tehran a fast track to a weapon and access to billions of dollars from collapsed sanctions. REUTERS/Gary Cameron - RTX1MAG1

Will the administration’s congressional testimony on Iran tilt the balance?

via The Conversation In an all-out promotional blitz, John Kerry spoke at a hastily arranged Q&A July 24 to a Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Five days later, he faced two less restrained... Read More

(Snort!) Call Donald Trump’s Cell Phone and Ask Him About His Important Ideas

After sharing Graham’s digits at a campaign rally—he held it up printed on a large note card for all to see and read the number aloud—#Trump joked “you know he won’t fix anything, but at... Read More

Why Giant Mosquitoes Are Suddenly Swarming Greenland | Motherboard

“They’re aggressive because they’re desperate,” says Lauren Culler an ecologist with Dartmouth’s Institute of Arctic Studies who researches #Greenland’s mosquitoes. “My research here,” says Culler, “has found that only 12-15 percent of mosquitoes ever get... Read More

(You’re Welcome.) This Is How to Find the Spiders That Are Staring At You in the Dark

Most spiders have eight eyes. In some species — mostly those that hunt for their prey, like wolf spiders — four of those eyes have a iridescent layer behind their retinas, called a tapetum. It’s... Read More

London’s 249ft-Tall Slide Set to Become World’s Tallest and Longest – My Modern Met

The slide will extend 249-feet above the ground, spiraling around the tower five times before ending in a 164-foot deceleration run to the ground. Constructed of stainless steel with transparent sections, the slide will allow... Read More
mac vulnerable

Better get a Firewall smuggies: Researchers Create First Firmware Worm That Attacks Macs | WIRED

It turns out this isn’t true. Two researchers have found that several known vulnerabilities affecting the firmware of all the top PC makers can also hit the firmware of MACs. What’s more, the researchers have... Read More
iran deal film

Iran Deal Prevents Naked Muslim Ray Gun

by David Swanson Nukes get all the attention, but the fact is that intense inspections of Iranian facilities will also prevent Iran from developing a ray gun that causes your clothes to vanish and your... Read More

Philae the Comet… from only 9 freaking metres away!

When I saw these images the hair on the back of my neck stood up. These photos may not look like much at first, but when you realize you’re seeing the surface of a comet... Read More

Donald Trump On Black Lives Matter: ‘We Have To Give Power Back To The Police’ | ThinkProgress

“It’s a massive crisis,” Trump said on Meet the Press, when asked about the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement. “Some horrible mistakes are made. At the same time, we have to give power... Read More

Why the U.S. government’s new cybersecurity solution is doomed to fail

Several years ago, when it came to describing cybersecurity threats, Congress imagined China stealing the intellectual property of the private sector. “[D]angerous economic predators, including nation-states like China, use the Internet to steal valuable information... Read More

Donald Trump is turning US politics into a (bad) reality show

There are 17 people running for the Republican presidential nomination. Ten of them will meet on 6 August in Cleveland, Ohio, for the first presidential debate of the 2016 election.   But if you’ve been... Read More

The Hellish Beauty of California’s Wildfires | WIRED

There have been more than 3,600 wildfires in #California this year, the most recent Rocky Fire devouring some 50,000 acres and requiring 12,000 people to evacuate. Photographer Stuart Palley is right in the middle of... Read More

Marco Rubio Gets a Big Boost From Two Loyal Billionaires | Mother Jones

Larry Ellison, the Iron Man-esque founder of Oracle, gave $3 million to Conservative Solutions PAC in the first six months of 2015, according to the group’s first filing with the Federal Election Commission, released Friday.... Read More

Bank lending to business forecast to rise in 2015 | Business | The Guardian

Boosting business investment is seen as an essential factor in restoring Britain’s shaky productivity record and putting the economic recovery on a sustainable footing.   But recent official figures showing a £5.5bn decline in outstanding... Read More

When online security is literally a roll of the dice, which dice do you use? – Boing Boing

I needed to update my passwords. I have long had a bad habit of using a funny little personal “system” for creating passwords–you may have one, too–but I knew it was outdated and insecure.  ... Read More

Erasing yourself from the Internet is really, really hard | Fusion

Six friends of mine who appeared on a list of doxing targets. Sick to my stomach, I started texting and emailing people – all the while hoping that the information was wrong and that they... Read More

White House set to adopt sweeping curbs on carbon pollution – The Washington Post

A retooled version of the administration’s Clean Power Plan, first proposed a year ago, will seek to accelerate the shift to #renewable energy while setting tougher goals for slashing carbon emissions blamed for global warming,... Read More

How cyberthriller ‘The Net’ predicted the future of the Web

When The Net premiered 20 years ago this week, filmgoers were astounded by the potential of the Internet to drastically change their lives in irrevocable ways. I’m referring, of course, to the promise of being... Read More

P.T. Barnum Makes Trump Look Like a Clown – The Daily Beast

#Donald Trump’s boundless buffoonery seems tailored to today’s boundary-less and clownish culture, wherein real estate riches and celebrity fame ooze seamlessly into political popularity—at least in sleepy summertime polls.  But The Donald is not America’s... Read More
hamill autograph

Mark Hamill Is Good At Autographs – Digg

  Autograph collector and expert Steve Grad knows a thing or two about penmanship. And his collection features some of the most unique autographs in the world, like Mark Hamill. Most celebrities just sign their names... Read More
fox nesws debate stage

Please, deliver us from stupid! Should hundreds of millions of dollars and a Faux News Network decide the GOP candidate? It will.

This is The Monday Line by Denis G. Campbell This week will see the first of the US Election (which still has – shoot me please – 462 days and 13 hours to go) candidates’... Read More

Corbyn to unveil ‘Vision 2020′ to end austerity with public investment plan | Politics | The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn will brush aside warnings that he risks a return to the divisions of the 1980s when he outlines plans to end “the years of political and economic austerity” to help create a high-skilled... Read More
Bill Maher On Running For Office: Americans Would ‘Probably Elect a Pedophile Before An Atheist’ | Alternet

Bill Maher On Running For Office: Americans Would ‘Probably Elect a Pedophile Before An Atheist’ | Alternet

Maher has said in the past that while his own lack of faith would stop him from being an elected official, it might not be as big of a concern for future candidates, going so... Read More

BT Sport red-faced after problems hit Community Shield online and app | Media | The Guardian

BT, whose £350m investment in exclusive rights to the Champions League and Europa League for the coming season has upped the stakes in their rivalry with Sky, had offered live streaming of the game online... Read More

Lawyers offered to pay this street band to stop playing. It said ‘no.’ – The Washington Post

The band’s brassy riffs at 15th Street and New York Avenue NW always delight the hordes of tourists heading toward the White House. But the very spot that’s proved so profitable for Spread Love to... Read More
nigerian prince

Spam has fallen to a 10-year low and is unlikely to make a comeback – Quartz

This is a stark contrast from 2008 to 2010, when spam made up nine in 10 emails. Around that time, sophisticated hackers were moving away from using their own servers, which made them easy targets... Read More

How the CIA Came Out of the Closet – The Daily Beast

“Everyone is armed. Everyone is stressed out. And I couldn’t trust anybody… I had no idea who was in on this. I had no idea how far up it went. And I knew that if... Read More

It’s fast, global, engaged and influential – so why isn’t Twitter flying? | Technology | The Guardian

The company built around text-message-length “tweets” announced in its own quarterly results last week that it has 304 million monthly active users (MAUs), who logged in at least once a month in the past quarter.... Read More

China’s Most Censored Author Published His Most Daring Book Yet | The New Republic

In 1958, Mao Zedong declared war on the sparrows. Sparrows ate grain while it ripened in the fields, depriving the people of the fruits of their labor. For this reason they were one of four... Read More

Secret NSA map pinpoints China’s U.S. cyberattack victims

That the U.S. is frequently the victim of cyberattacks from #China is hardly news, though actual attribution of attacks, especially sophisticated ones, are notoriously difficult or even impossible to attribute with certainty.   Intelligence officials... Read More